Which anime characters have the saddest past

Anime with a character who has a sad / gruesome past?

I have a pair for you

1.; * BananaFish *; Mc was raped very often and his parents are pretty much the last. Banana Fish is about young Ash, one of the gang bosses from LA. One day he meets a Japanese journalist. He shows him the beautiful things in life. At the same time they fight a mafia boss, but behind the boss there is a huge state secret. A mysterious drug called "Banana Fish", what's behind that? This anime is also a real masterpiece, I can only recommend it to you.

; * I want to eat your pancreas *; this is an anime movie, the characters don't really have a sad past. It's about a boy who has no real goals in life, does not try hard and has no friends. One day in the hospital she found out that one of his classmates had a pancreatic disease and was only alive for a few months. From there the stroy begins. I can only recommend the film, it's super sad and beautiful.

3rd; Terror In Resonance; Terror in Resonance is about 2 young people who commit terrorist acts, but why they do the whole thing and what that has to do with their tragic past. You have to find out for yourself. This anime is really good too!

4th; Violet Evergarden; Wounded by the war, young Violet is dismissed from the REha. The last words she heard from her commanders were true "I love you", since Violet doesn't understand what that means, she becomes Akora (Autonomous Correspondence Assistant) so she writes letters for others. Despite her tragic past, she's doing pretty well. This anime is beautiful and super treacherous at the same time. I can only recommend.

5th; Dororo; Dororo is about Dororo and Hyakkimaru. Hyakkimaru's father (a general) sold his son to the demons, immediately after his birth he lost skin, eyes etc (and other limbs). When Hyakkimaru meets young Dororo, his revenge begins. An exciting sad and action-packed trip. Will he be able to get revenge on his father? Who knows ??! xD This anime is great too.

if you need more, write to me privately.