Which areas would an IB diploma appreciate?

Class 11-12: Subject specialization and independent learning

With the traditional academic IB Diploma Program (IBDP), students qualify for subsequent university studies.

The IBDP requires completion of the Theory of KnowledgeCourse, a research paper that is called Extended essay on a topic of your choice as well as successful participation in CAS projects (Creativity, Action and Service). On this basis, our students choose six subjects (three of them in the "Higher Level") to be examined for their diploma.

The IB diploma program includes a demanding, university preparatory curriculum. Students are encouraged to develop intercultural understanding, open-mindedness and attitudes in order to learn to respect and appreciate diverse viewpoints. The IB examinations at the end of class 12 are determined and assessed externally by the IB examination board. The IB Diploma gives students access to the world's leading universities. Our graduates aim for admission to the best universities in the world and some of them have already achieved this - Oxford, Cambridge, London School of Economics, ETH Zurich and many others.

IB diploma is recognized as a German Abitur

Students who take certain courses and achieve certain test results can have their International Baccalaureate Diploma recognized as equivalent to the German Abitur. Details about the German recognition of the IB diploma can be found on the website of the Conference of Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs and in the download box on the right.