What is your favorite piece of underwear

"The laundry does something to you"

What was the room used for before you took it over?

In the 1950s there was a lingerie shop there. For women of the world, with La Perla and other brands. Unfortunately, I couldn't find out what it was before. I went to the district archives and checked with the church, but they couldn't find any records. What is certain is that the room was originally part of the Barnabite monastery. A Catholic male order.

That is still the room. And a place of sensuality.

You are very active on Instagram with AMOUR FOU. This is a completely different type of advertising than what you are used to from international chains. Humorous, without Photoshop, with pictures from real life. You are practically your own model.

Not just me, my colleagues and friends too. It wasn't a sophisticated marketing plan, it just happened that way.

In any case, it looks very authentic.

We want to show the laundry in everyday life. Just as it really looks on a wide variety of women's bodies. Ultimately, we want to get away from these idealized representations - and towards a realistic perception.

Do you have sports underwear too?

I carry sports bras from cups. Base Range tops work well during exercise too. And the bikini tops by Rendl are also suitable as sports tops. The boundaries are often blurred: La fille d'O, for example, makes lingerie that can also be worn as swimwear.

Speaking of which: you showed me pictures of a gold colored bikini last week, it was great - what brand is it and when can it be bought?

It's from Yasmine Eslami and will be out in spring 2021. I like the bikini too, I really like it, for me it's Seventies, James Bond and everything that still resonates in pop culture from that time. Yasmine graduated from fashion school in France and worked with Vivienne Westwood for ten years. A great woman. Now she has her own shop in Paris. She has her fashion sewn in Portugal.

What role does the male gaze play?

I think my customers buy the lingerie mostly for themselves. And when they feel comfortable in it, they have a certain charisma. For men too, of course.

But lingerie should be sexy.

It is too. My customers have very different ideas about sexiness. Some find the clean models by Yasmine Eslami particularly sexy, others find the romantic lingerie from Körbchen. I recently had a customer who said to me, “I'm looking for sexy lingerie.” After I showed her everything, she decided on a black cotton bra. That too can be erotic.

Do you also have underwear for men?

Of course, I run a Swedish label, CDLP. They make boxer shorts out of lyocell. And I also have unisex swimming trunks from Rendl and Margaret & Hermione. There are also men who like to wear women's underwear, it's not that tight.

In the meantime we have increased so that we can meet this demand. Of course, you need larger underbust widths and smaller cups. And above all, you have to make the men feel comfortable when trying them on. We managed to do that, it's quite informal.

Seen in this way, what you are doing here is also a project of liberation - for both men and women.

I recently had a nice experience with a customer who came to my shop after her baby break. I always look into the cabin to see how the laundry fits: when she found the right model, her posture suddenly changed. She had a special charisma, almost like a super woman. It's nice to see how empowering and sensual underwear can be if you feel comfortable in it. She does something to you.