What is special about Aquarius women

The Aquarian woman - always on the cutting edge

Special, special - Aquarius! Like no other zodiac sign, Aquarius women are surrounded by an aura of otherness, mixed with a little eccentricity.

Spontaneous ideas, mental speed and a sensational talent for improvisation make this air sign one of the intellectual high-flyers in the zodiac. And because Aquarians are real people friends, they would like to bestow the whole world with innovations, reforms or inventions that benefit the general public.

So it's no wonder that visionaries like Jules Verne, inventors like Thomas Alva Edison or talk show queen Oprah Winfrey romp around in this idealistic air sign!

The Aquarius woman - the original individualist

All twelve zodiac signs are assigned very special equivalents, and symbolic images illustrate the respective character traits, behaviors and learning tasks from an astrological point of view. Who ticks how A look at the typology for each sign of the zodiac will tell you immediately!

Typology for the Aquarian woman:

  • Period: January 21st to February 19th
  • Determining planet: Uranus
  • Determining element: air
  • Type: Fix, manly
  • Temperament: Sanguine
  • Colour: Cobalt blue
  • Number: Four
  • Gemstones: Turquoise, opal, aquamarine
  • Landscapes: Metropolises, stratosphere
  • Physical level: Nervous system
  • Season: Midwinter
  • Archetype: The do-gooder
  • Task: Connection, reforms, progress
  • Occupational fields: Science, research, advertising

Simply typical Aquarius! Features of the versatile air sign

Hardly any other zodiac sign has such a humanistic and idealistic attitude as Aquarius, only the optimistic Sagittarius can actually keep up. But while Sagittarius-borns strive above all for personal freedom, the Aquarius air sign focuses on the freedom of all people, not just their own. An Aquarian woman longs for independence from an early age. And the closer she gets to this, the more she will free herself from all obstacles and inhibitions. The Aquarian woman masters the path to self-determined freedom in an original way, with wit and quick-wittedness and sometimes with very unorthodox methods that can sometimes seem slightly weird or bizarre to others.


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Typical characteristics of the Aquarian woman:

  • Reform humanity: Everyone should get better and better - a thought that a typical Aquarian woman would readily agree with. Because most of the representatives of this air sign are real human friends, but in a more superordinate, universal sense. Interestingly, the discovery of the Aquarian planet Uranus coincides with the time of the French Revolution, whose demands for freedom, equality and brotherhood still embody a typical Aquarian ideal today.

  • Visionary creativity: I just had a flash of inspiration! Such a sentence is typical for a person with a zodiac sign or an accent in Aquarius - and a guarantee for ingenious business ideas, technical innovations or social reforms that improve the lives of many people.

  • Lived individuality: The Aquarian woman has no inhibitions at all, just always doing her thing exactly. This is often done in a rather unconventional way. But what the dear neighbors, office colleagues or friends think of it does not matter too much for the individualistic Aquarian woman: a trait that can sometimes earn her the reputation of distant arrogance.

The Aquarian woman and love

Although the Aquarius woman maintains a wide variety of contacts and often has a large circle of friends, there is also a touch of loneliness in love. Because every trace of constriction ensures that she quickly seeks the expanse. With too much closeness, as the Cancer or the Taurus are looking for, she simply feels absorbed very quickly. And great emotional dramas such as the zodiac sign Scorpio only irritate the rationally thinking Aquarius woman. That's why she places more value on a friendly note in a partnership than getting tangled up in passionate feelings. So it is not surprising that she usually gives her heart away to men who are quite different from the average consumer ’type. If the partner is ready to give the Aquarius woman the freedom that she needs like the air to breathe, an extremely varied relationship is possible: The attraction lies primarily in the tense dynamic between temporary distance and recurring closeness.

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