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Digital teaching : Padlet: The digital pin board for the classroom

What does the app offer?

"Padlet" is a digital pin board on which texts, images, videos, links, voice recordings, screen recordings and drawings can be stored. Various templates are offered to start the cooperative work. The app makes it possible, for example, to create digital pin boards and start live chats. Every change from different computers can be followed live so that the content is always up to date. A class can work on a pin board at the same time, fill it with content, comment on the entries and thus discuss them in real time.

How can the app be used for lessons?

The possibilities for location-independent collaboration in real time result in completely new and diverse application possibilities for teaching. Collecting, processing and comparing content is particularly simplified.

A teaching idea that I like to present as an example starts in nature. With tablets or smartphones, the students take photos of native plant or animal species in the vicinity of the school. Upload the photos and possibly videos to the “Padlet pin board”. Since everyone has access to the online bulletin board from their devices at the same time, the whole class can see all uploaded photos and videos. Once different animal and plant species have been collected, the names of the living beings should then be determined. In this work phase, the teacher discusses which search strategies can help. While the first names (such as “nettle” and “dandelion”) are found quickly, other living beings are more difficult to determine: What kind of butterfly is it actually? What will happen to this caterpillar later? And how can you tell the difference between a bee, a wasp and a bumblebee? The learners can write their assumptions directly as a comment on the photos. This way, ideas and suggestions are not lost and can be discussed in the whole class.