Are the Hutterites still alive?

How do the Hutterites live?

April 8, 2017, 9:58 pm

The whole Ö1 Children's University with Astrid von Schlachta

The Hutterites are members of a religious community that arose in Innsbruck in the 16th century. Because of their faith they were persecuted, they fled to the Czech Republic, Romania, the Ukraine and finally ended up in the USA and Canada, where they still live today.

Astrid von Schlachta, historian at the University of Innsbruck, tells the story of the Hutterites and describes how they live, live and work. The Ö1 Children's University reporters Corinna Gspan, Christina Liepert and Florian Suitner enter a strange world.

Christine is 13 years old. She would like to know why the Hutterites wear uniform clothing. The Hutter and other Anabaptist movements like the Amish want to live humbly and express this in their clothing.

Corinna is 14 years old. She wants to know who Jakob Hutter was. Jakob Hutter was an Baptist from the Pustertal in Tyrol. He was the leader of the Anabaptist movement and organized their relocation to Moravia because the Anabaptists were persecuted in Tyrol.

Florian is 13 years old. He wants to know who the Hutterites were. The Hutterites originated in the 16th century. They belong to the Anabaptist movement. The special thing about the Hutterites is that they live in community of property.

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Ö1 Children's University in "Der Standard"
Completely withdrawn, the Hutterites follow an idiosyncratic way of life. In its series on the Ö1 Children's University on Tuesday, August 21, 2007, the daily newspaper Der Standard takes a look at what has moved the community to keep its age-old traditions.

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