Which European city has the rudest people?

This is the most unfriendly city in the world

From TRAVELBOOK | October 02, 2019, 11:32 a.m.

We asked you: In your eyes, in which city do the grumpiest people in the world live, and where is the general flair not the best? Our readers voted for a month and chose a clear “winner”.

What makes a city unfriendly? Above all, of course, people's bad moods. Anyone who is pounded and bumped into on every street corner and only gets snotty or no answers to polite questions can rightly claim that the environment is not exactly the friendliest. The weather may also play a role, as well as the general atmosphere in a city.

Now the feeling about how one perceives a city is always subjective. That's why we asked our fans on Facebook and Instagram to send us their suggestions, and some cities were named several times. We have compiled a list of the 20 most frequently named cities - and asked you for help.

More than 87,000 votes were taken. The result: Berlin, the capital of the Germans, who are also often described as very unfriendly, landed in first place with more than 7,000 votes. But how is it that Berlin of all places is always perceived as particularly unfriendly? The famous "Berliner Schnauze" is often mistaken for rudeness.

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But another German city is also represented in the top 3: Munich. The state capital of Bavaria only received less than half of the votes from Berlin, namely just over 3,000. The silver medal for the most unfriendly city in the world went to a European neighbor - France. Paris was voted second with almost 6,000 votes.

By the way: Since in this case the last place is actually the winner, we want to emphasize it again. Bangkok is obviously rated as comparatively friendly and landed in 20th place. Only 646 people voted for the capital of Thailand.

In this voting, however, it should also be taken into account that certainly not as many people from Germany travel to Bangkok as, for example, Berlin. As a result, many cannot judge how friendly or unfriendly Bangkok is.

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Note on the methodology: At the voting it was possible to vote once for each end device (computer, smartphone, etc.) for each city. For example, it was possible to rate Rome highly, but not to vote for the city several times. The voting is not representative.
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