Is guarana bad for you

Guarana: This is the effect of powder and capsules

Elisabeth von Sydow

Guarana is considered a wholesome coffee alternative with a stimulating effect. In this practical tip, we will clarify whether the jungle plant is really that harmless and also works effectively. In addition, we present three guarana products in different forms.

Guarana: The effect of the jungle plant

Are you tired during the day? Then guarana could help. This is a caffeinated soap tree that is found in the Amazon regions. The caffeine content of the liana species is said to be five times that of coffee beans. So guarana is a real energy booster. With the help of the plant, tired people should wake up again. In addition, it should promote concentration and reduce the feeling of hunger and thirst. In addition, guarana is said to have an antipyretic effect.

But: The caffeine from the guarana does not work immediately, but it does have a long-lasting effect. The stimulating effect only sets in after about 45 minutes. But this lasts up to six hours. Another advantage is that the guarana plant is considered very digestible. Compared to the caffeine from the coffee bean, the jungle plant does not attack the gastric mucous membranes.

In this country, guarana is known in the form of energy drinks, capsules and powder. In the meantime, however, there are many other foods such as gummy bears or chocolate to which the caffeinated plant is added.

Even if guarana is considered very digestible, side effects can occur with excessive consumption. These include restlessness, sleep problems, headaches, racing heart or even diarrhea. You must not take guarana if you are pregnant or breastfeeding! Even people with high blood pressure should avoid products with it. In general, it is best to only take guarana after consulting a doctor. If side effects occur, discontinue the product immediately and seek medical advice.

Guarana capsules from Vihado

We have selected the top 3 guarana products on Amazon for you (as of June 2020). They were selected based on their customer ratings. The minimum requirement was at least 50 submitted ratings.

The high-dose Vihado Guarana capsules contain natural caffeine plus vitamins C, E, B12, B6, B2, biotin and niacin. One pack contains 90 capsules of 68.3 grams each. The product is suitable for vegans and was made in Germany. The capsules received 4.4 stars from 114 reviews on Amazon.

Guarana powder from golden branch

We also selected this product because of its numerous good reviews. The powder is sold by one of the oldest and most renowned German herbal importers. Golden Branch Pure Guarana Powder is available in 1,000 gram packs. The powder does not require any additives and is stirred into milk, water, fruit juice or yoghurt. At Amazon, the powder from Goldener Zweig has been rated 4.4 stars from 374 reviews.

Guarana capsules from Wake Up!

These capsules with guarana powder are also rated well on Amazon. In addition, the product is made in Germany and promises the highest quality. The guarana capsules do not contain any additives and contain 50 milligrams of caffeine per tablet. Both the powder and the capsule shell are suitable for vegans and are free from colorings, preservatives and allergens such as lactose and gluten. One can contains 80 capsules.

According to the manufacturer, it is the strongest guarana preparation on - with twelve percent caffeine content. The capsules promise a long-lasting, even effect without a crash effect. The guarana capsules from Wake up! received 4.2 stars from 96 ratings.

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