What is the Game of Thrones Soundtrack

Game of Thrones Season 1 Soundtrack

# title length Scenes 1Main Title01:46Main theme 2North of the Wall03:48Music from the opening credits, Will, Gared and Ser Weymar Rois, as border guards, get to the bottom of the missing wildlings beyond the wall and meet revenants and white hikers ("Winter is coming") 3Goodbye brother03:07Jon says goodbye to Bran ("The King's Road") 4The Kingsroad02:05One player from Winterfell and King's Landing in "Winter is Coming", the Starks set off from Winterfell to King's Landing and the Wall, Eddard talks to Jon ("The King's Road"), Eddard arrives in King's Landing ("Lord Snow") 5The King's Arrival03:33Bran sees the entourage of Robert Baratheon approaching and tells Catelyn about it, the entourage arrives in Winterfell and is received by the Starks ("Winter is Coming") 6Love in the eyes04:00Daenerys and Khal Drogo's wedding night ("Winter is Coming"), With the help of Doreah's suggestions, Daenerys sleeps with Khal Drogo and they both fall in love ("The King's Road") 7A Raven From King's Landing01:16A raven with the message that Jon Arryn is dead reaches Winterfell and Robert travels to Winterfell, Catelyn brings the news to Eddard Stark in the gods' grove ("Winter is coming") 8The Wall02:00Jon, Benjen and Tyrion arrive at the wall ("The King's Path"), Jon walks up the wall for the first time ("Lord Snow") 9Things I Do For Love01:52Bran climbs the tower and discovers Jaime and Cersei having sex, Jaime pushes Bran out of the window ("Winter is Coming") 10A golden crown01:38Viserys examines his sister Daenerys who is taking a bath ("Winter is Coming"), Viserys tells Doreah about the dragons ("Cripples, bastards and broken things") 11Winter is coming02:41Eddard has to execute Lady, Bran wakes up ("The King's Road") 12A Bird Without Feathers02:01Petyr Baelishs theme, 13Await The King's Justice02:00Petyr Baelishs theme, Catelyn meets Tyrion Lannister in the inn on the Way of the Cross and has him captured ("Cripples, bastards and broken things") 14You'll Be Queen One Day01:35Joffrey apologizes to Sansa, gives her a necklace and kisses her ("A golden crown") 15The Assassin's Dagger01:18Bran is attacked by an unknown man ("The King's Road") 16To Vaes Dothrak01:28Dothraki main theme, played multiple times ("Winter is Coming", [["The King's Road", "Lord Snow", "Cripples, bastards and broken things") 17Jon's Honor02:35Jon takes the Oath of the Night's Watch, discovers that his father has been beheaded and wants to flee ("Fire and Blood") 18Black Of Hair01:40Eddard goes through the book The Family Trees after he received a tip from Sansa and Arya and discovered that Robert's children could not be his ("A golden crown") 19You Win Or You Die01:57Sansa asks Joffrey for forgiveness for her father, who dictates conditions for her ("Das spitze Ende") 20Small Pack Of Wolves01:57Jaime demands that Eddard hand over his brother in town and a fight ensues ("The Wolf and the Lion") 21Game of Thrones01:18Theme of the credits of the episodes "The Wolf and the Lion" 22Kill Them All02:35Catelyn and Robb respond to news of Eddard's death ("Fire and Blood") 23The pointy end03:16Syrio Forels main theme, Arya meets her teacher Syrio ("Lord Snow") 24Victory Does Not Make Us Conquerors01:35Robb returns from the battle in Whisper Forest and gives a speech after he captured Jaime Lannister ("Baelor") 25When The Sun Rises In The West02:39After the magic of Mirri Maz Duur, Daenerys says goodbye to Khal Drogo and kills his heavy heart ("Fire and Blood") 26King Of The North01:28Robb is proclaimed King of the North by the Lords of the North and the Riverside ("Fire and Blood") 27The Night's Watch01:44Jeor Mormont explains what the Night Watch stands for and asks Jon to join the fact-finding mission ("Fire and Blood") 28Fire and Blood04:29Daenerys erects the pyre for her husband Khal Drogo, has Mirri Maz Duur burned, laid the dragon's eggs on it and ignited the pyre ("fire and blood") 29final02:30Daenerys returns unscathed from the flames, the birth of her dragons and the credits of "Fire and Blood"