What is the quality of LeEco phones

China smartphone in the test LeEco Le Max 2: Strong competition for Huawei & Co.

Smartphones from Huawei or Xiaomi show that China has long since stopped building cheap copies of iPhones, but very high-quality cell phones. With the Le Max 2, the manufacturer LeEco, still unknown in Germany, now has a promising smartphone on offer. The test.

Steffen Guthardt


LeEco is the next major corporation from China that is targeting the European market with its smartphones and through a Combination of high quality workmanship at an affordable price wants to score points with the customer. Incidentally, LeEco is already known in China for its streaming services, which it offered under the name LeTV.

The LeMax 2 is one of the current top models from LeEco and became the German handicraft newspaper sent for a test.

First impression: big screen, stylish design

The LeMax 2 looks very high-quality on the first impression and offers a generous screen 5.7 in . As with other smartphones of this size, the LeMax 2 is on the one hand very suitable for surfing the internet and playing videos. Using the camera and editing images is also very convenient with the large display.

On the other hand, the LeMax 2 can be because of its size not operate very well with one hand and is clearly visible in your pocket. With a length of 16 cm it measures a width of 7.6 cm. With a depth of 8.3 mm and a weight of 185 grams, the LeMax 2 comfortable in the handeven if it's not the lightest device in its class.

The LeMax 2 for the test was in the Color rose gold delivered and should appeal to female customers in particular. However, there are also the color variants gold, silver and gray. A transparent silicone protective cover is also included in the scope of delivery.

Housing made of aluminum

A closer look confirms the good first impression of the workmanship. The Unibody case consists of aluminum, looks very stable and no gaps are visible. The volume and the on / off button are also made of metal.

The only plastic parts on the LeMax 2 are two thin rims at the top and bottom of the back. With their permeability, they should improve signal reception for telephony, Internet and navigation. Overall, the choice of materials does not have to lag behind top models from established manufacturers such as the iPhones from Apple or the Xperia smartphones from Sony hide.

The disadvantage of the design, however, is that the back cover cannot be removed and thus the Battery not replaceable is. In addition - as with an iPhone - no slot for a microSD card available. At best, the storage can be expanded using a cloud solution. After all, depending on the model, 32 GB or 64 GB of permanent storage are available.

Two SIM cards for entrepreneurs

The LeMax 2 receives a plus point for its two SIM card slots. Especially entrepreneurs who want their Separate professional and private conversations without using a second smartphone, the dual SIM function is a real advantage.

However, there is no standard connection for other smartphones. With the LeMax 2, LeEco does without the classic jack socket for the headphone connection. These are, however, connected to the USB Type-C port - the charging port of the smartphone - with an adapter included in the scope of delivery.

However, LeEco has good reasons for this decision and was even one step ahead of Apple, who also use the solution in the new Apple iPhone 7. The usual headphone connection on smartphones has the disadvantage that listening to music inevitably leads to loss of sound. The reason is a sound chip required for the conversion between headphones and the output signal. With the LeEco solution, however, the sound is decoded directly in the headphones and the loss of quality is limited.

Even if the technology is likely to catch on, it also has a disadvantage. The The charging socket is occupied while listening to music. This can be a problem, especially on longer train journeys, when the smartphone urgently needs new energy, but there is good music on the ears.

New Android, fast pace

The operating system on the LeMax 2 is a pure Android 6 preinstalled, which fortunately is not enriched with advertising apps. Thanks to four or six GB of RAM (depending on the model) and one Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 Processor with 2x 2.15 GHz and 2x 1.6 GHz, the operating system runs very smoothly and without delay at all times. This also applies to surfing the Internet (with LTE) or using gaming apps.

On the back of the LeMax 2 you will find the Camera lens with LED flash and a fingerprint scanner , which the user can use to identify himself as an alternative to the conventional password on his smartphone. Anyone who prefers to log on to their smartphone with a PIN instead of their finger can look forward to a useful feature. The LeMax 2 recognizes in which hand the smartphone is being held and aligns the keypad to the left or right of the screen. Handy with this large display.

Camera with light and shadow

The camera, equipped with 21 megapixels, f / 2.0 aperture and optical image stabilizer, leaves a mixed impression on test photos.

In daylight, the photos appear very sharp, rich in detail and true to color and do not have to hide behind the recordings of other high-end cell phones. Noticeably the quality of photographs in dark rooms or night shots is poorer. The images lose their depth of field and the colors have a slight yellow cast. The front camera with eight megapixels is absolutely sufficient for selfies.

That is also convincing Battery stamina in the LeMax 2. If you use your smartphone sparingly for calls and the Internet, you can use it for two days. As with other top models, frequent surfers and gamers have to look for a power outlet after just one day. Speaking of the socket. The LeMax 2 in the test did not come with a German power plug, so it could only be charged via an adapter. At the latest when LeEco becomes really active on the German market, that should change.

If you don't want to wait for the LeEco smartphones to be available in German stores, you can order the LeMax 2 from international shops like gearbest.com for around 250 euros.


The LeMax 2 is further proof that smartphones from Chinese manufacturers are now serious competition for Apple & Co. are. LeEco offers a well-made and very powerful smartphone for comparatively little money. It will be interesting to see what the manufacturer will deliver in the next few years.

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