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Conclusion and special experiences

I am very satisfied with my semester abroad in India. Since I had already lived for four months as a volunteer in a southern Indian village and two years later had traveled through northern India for five weeks, I already had a pretty good impression of the country and was therefore not greatly (negatively) surprised on site. as happened to some exchange students. India is a demanding country, which every time pushes you to its limits and also a little further, which then makes you stronger. That's why I'm grateful for every negative experience I've had.
I would do a semester abroad again at any time, even again in India (even if I would curse myself for it in between if I rushed through dusty, noisy city streets at 48 degrees to acquire materials).
From a cultural point of view, it is a great treasure that you develop on site, and in terms of content, I consider myself very lucky to have got to know other ways of working and thinking. The Indians work and think less industrialized and more tangible; in processes that are closer to reality than ours.
And don't despair: Always and everywhere in India it's called 'sab kuch milega' - everything is possible. And it's true.

How did it work with the recognition of achievements for studying at the HsH?

It's not over yet, let's see ...

What other important tips do you have for future students?

Even if the Indian bureaucracy from start to finish is incredibly nerve-wracking and sometimes completely incomprehensible (I have quarreled with bouncers in front of the computer room or the library several times because you are not allowed to take in thousands of things that you need inside for no reason!): Many things actually have to be simply accepted as they are; it doesn't help for yourself to get upset about it too.
Just stay as relaxed as possible, meditate and do yoga (no joke! You absolutely need a little bit of time for yourself not to go crazy. You are nowhere alone on campus and not in your room at night either. You have to be yourself actively take care of building up your bladder every now and then.)
And: in the end everything will be fine. And if it's not good, it's not the end.