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Why, Why
The question of why: Catt's touching songs

Berlin (dpa) - "Why, why" sings Katharina Schorling alias Catt with a clear, clear voice in the opener of an album that bears exactly this title. «Why only, why» now a damned pandemic comes in between me when I take off - that may have asked the young German singer-songwriter.

Unfortunately, this highly ambitious album, released at the end of November on the Berlin label Listenrecords, does not get the live stage that Catt had actually planned for it. This means that there is currently no way of promoting the up-and-coming talent's “big” studio record following the debut EP “Moon” (2019).

One can only hope that this can be made up for in 2021 - then without a permanent corona threat. Because the club concert sales channel, including chatting with new fans at the merch stand, is nowadays known to be more important than ever for indie musicians like Catt.

The line of the song and the album title “Why, Why” are therefore no coincidence, as the songs deal with the “search for meaning in an uncertain time”, as list records convey. Katharina Schorling, who comes from Lower Saxony, recorded the twelve tracks sung in English in her adopted home Berlin, but also on the outskirts of Hamburg - in the immediate vicinity of the forest.

“This album couldn't have been written in town,” says Catt. And actually the songs have something wonderfully close to nature. One associates the feather-light folk-pop sound with impressions of the mild morning sun and mist-shrouded landscapes.

Some of the songs are produced in an impressive way - with piano, violin and cello as well as brass arrangements, which Catt himself can play excellently, as she demonstrated live in the opening act of Niels Frevert (and afterwards together with him) last year.

The friendly charm, the euphoria and virtuosity of their performance are not only effective in the concert, but also on recordings. Even "Moon" was extraordinarily finely spun art pop - "Why, Why" now sounds even more mature, rounder, more touching.

The multi-instrumentalist grew up with classical music before moving to Berlin in 2014 and studying music production. After a short time she was working for Judith Holofernes (Wir Sind Helden), Sarah Connor or Niels Frevert.

How well Catt can stand artistically on her own two feet is shown in wonderful pieces like “Willow Tree” and “The Space” or the majestic “How Can I Become” at the end. Conclusion: “Why, Why” is a late highlight in the singer-songwriter segment this year.

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