Poop bees

Where does honey come from?

If you really like honey and get disgusted quickly, don't read any further here. It could be that you see honey with different eyes after reading this text. At the same time, of course, you miss the opportunity to expand your knowledge through this incredible information. Decide for yourself!

It is well known that honey comes from bees. But how exactly does it come about? Bees are busy collecting flower nectar day in and day out. At the same time, they ensure that the plants reproduce by flying from flower to flower and thus transporting pollen from one flower to the other.

And what happens to the nectar? The bee sucks it in its so-called honey stomach. Back in the beehive, the bee chokes up the contents of its honey stomach as a mixture of nectar and endogenous substances.

Now other bees come into play. They suck up the nectar several times, mix it with bee saliva, swallow it and choke it up again. This makes it more and more viscous. At some point - and when that is, only the bees know - the nectar processed in this way will be placed in a honeycomb, which the bees will close with a wax lid. Now the honey is ready! If you look closely, honey is flower nectar mixed in with it Bee puke and Bee spit.

For the bees, honey is primarily food. They feed their offspring with it and at the same time manage to hibernate as a colony.

By the way, bees don't just process flower nectar into honey! There is also honey made from honeydew. This is a liquid that is excreted by aphids. Yes, that doesn't sound very appetizing either. Like flower nectar, honeydew is sugary. A colony of bees can also make honey from it. It is then called forest honey. Ah!