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Buy a domain: how does it work?

Whether for your own website, individual e-mail address or an international online shop: You can purchase a domain from STRATO with just a few clicks and at a permanently low price. Simply enter the desired name for your domain in the domain check and select your preferred combination from numerous top-level domains. During your domain search, STRATO checks in a few seconds whether your desired domain is still available and also provides you with further suggestions as to which alternative domains you can still buy.

Before you decide, you should compare different domains and consider which one suits you and your company or product best. You can also combine your domain with one of our product packages, such as the website builder, a web shop or a hosting package.

Check & order the new domain of your choice or transfer the registered domain to STRATO for free
  • Check the domain with the domain query
  • STRATO takes over the domain registration for you
  • Select a domain ending from up to 20 top-level domains
  • National, international and new domain extensions available (so-called nTLDs)
  • All service packages with an inclusive domain
  • Redirection and forwarding of domain and e-mail addresses possible
  • Secure umlauts and special characters depending on the domain
  • Fair prices and convenient billing period

Secure a memorable domain for your website

A well thought-out choice of the Internet address forms the basis for a first-class corporate presence on the Internet. Therefore, before you secure a domain, you should ask yourself a few questions, the answering of which will help you find the right web address:

  • Company name or industry - or both?
    Do you only want to show the company name in the domain or also the industry?
  • Long name or abbreviation?
    If your company has a long name, can it be abbreviated sensibly?
  • Regional, supraregional, international orientation?
    Where do you want to work? Do you only sell products over the Internet or do you also have a shop in a certain region?

Domain with company name and / or industry reference

The main question here is: Has your company already achieved a certain level of awareness outside of the Internet, so that enough interested parties search for the company name in search engines? Then you will also be successful with your company name as an Internet address.

We recommend companies that tend to cover niches: You should secure a domain that not only contains your company name, but also a combination of the most important term from your industry, the most important product name or your locally offered services. This means that significantly more potential customers can use the search engines to find your company website or online shop.

For example, if you work in the catering industry, it is advisable to choose a meaningful, custom-fit domain ending. You can choose from new top-level domains (nTLD) such as ".restaurant", ".club" or ".poker" as well as ".pizza" in the event that you operate a pizza delivery service.

Long company names and abbreviations

Your company name is very long and you don't know how to place it in the domain? Perhaps there is already an official abbreviation or one can be cleverly introduced. In this case, we advise you to buy a domain that only contains the abbreviation in addition to the domain with the long company name. The short name can then easily be forwarded to the long name so that you can be reached at both Internet addresses. Advantage: In the best case scenario, users need to type significantly fewer letters in the browser's address line to get to your website.

Local, national and / or international

If you have an international customer base, not only is the actual domain name important, but also a top-level domain that matches the language or country. For customers in the USA, for example, a .com domain is more suitable than a domain with the ending “.de”. If you are also doing business in Spain, France or Switzerland, it is worthwhile to create a version of your website in the respective national language and with the appropriate top-level, .fr, or .ch.

Use the possibilities of new domain extensions

With the new endings, you can often use both the Company name as well as one local reference and one Industry reference Include in the domain: Combine, for example, your company name with an industry ending such as “.immobilien” or “.store”. But you can also connect your branch with a local ending like “.berlin”, “.bayern” or “.nrw”.

Another new domain ending is very eye-catching: the .gay domain. With it you make your statement on the LGBTQ movement and clearly define your addressees.

Also reserve domains with typing errors

When searching for a domain, keep in mind that many Internet users could type in the web address incorrectly: The most common typing errors could be reserved as a domain and forwarded to the address with the correct spelling to prevent other website operators from intercepting potential customers. This will also prevent your name from being misused or damaged.

Domains with umlauts

In the meantime, umlauts and other special characters can also be displayed on most domains. Umlauts such as "ä", "ö" and "ü" are more part of the usual fluency in German than the cumbersome combinations "ae", "oe" and "ue". You are probably doing your customers a favor if you remember the accustomed spelling with umlauts. An overview of the top-level domains for which special characters may be used and which rules you should observe when making a reservation - a valuable guide for your individual domain query.

Register multiple domains

With STRATO it is also possible to register a larger number of domains. You do not have to worry about the registration formalities at the various registration offices (e.g. DENIC for a .de domain or Verisign for a .com domain); STRATO does that for you. Put all domains in the shopping cart at once - after a successful order you can usually use them within a few hours.

Would you like to make your business known on the Internet? Use the numerous top-level domains for e-commerce: Regardless of whether you operate a .shopping portal, a .pizza service or a .coupons website - STRATO offers you a large selection of domain extensions for Your success on the web.

Buy a domain that is already in use

Would you like to have a domain that is registered for another domain owner? This is possible with the consent of the current owner of your desired domain.

If the domain is already hosted by STRATO, you can change the domain owner. This process is initiated by the current domain owner and can be carried out very comfortably in the password-protected customer login.

If the domain is not yet registered with STRATO, it can move to us. A so-called provider change or domain transfer must be carried out for this. The knowledge and consent of the current domain owner is also important here, because the takeover can only be carried out in cooperation. A protected procedure - the AuthInfo procedure - ensures that you as the new domain owner are properly registered.

Desired domain registered: what happens next?

After registering your desired domain with STRATO, you can decide how you want to proceed with it. STRATO offers you various professional solutions for a wide variety of purposes and various advantages:

  • You can make your own Domain without associated web space and forward it to an existing domain, for example.
  • You can sign up to your domain Book a hosting package and install either your own HTML pages or numerous open source applications for blogs, editorial systems, wikis, etc.
  • By ordering a website builder package, you have the option of your Website without programming knowledge can be created in just a few steps and published under your own domain. Around 75 industry templates enable you to get started quickly.
  • You can use your Link a domain to a webshop packagethat allows you to create your shop quickly and easily so that you can sell your products online quickly and easily. All webshop tariffs include practical marketing tools and other services with which you can increase your sales.

An extra domain for the mail and homepage construction kit package

Find yourself to each of the STRATO mail packages a free .de domain of your choice. Then set up up to 25 individual email accounts for this purpose. With STRATO Webmail you have your communication center to hand everywhere: In addition to the possibility to manage your e-mails comfortably in the browser, webmail also offers you a number of interesting additional features - for example for creating and managing tasks and contacts as well as a reminder function and much more.

With the Homepage builder STRATO offers you an excellent tool to design your company website yourself without any programming knowledge. In addition to a free domain, the website builder offers you over 200 industry templates and 140 responsive layouts to choose from. You will also receive an SSL certificate free of charge.

Free domains for the STRATO hosting and webshop packages

With the Hosting package two MySQL 5 databases are available to you even in the lowest tariff; WordPress & Co enables you to easily install CMS such as WordPress, Drupal, Tyo3 and many other open source systems. With the WebDatabaseManager you can easily manage all data on your web space. Python, Ruby and the possibility of your own CGIs and cron jobs are also available - for maximum flexibility when creating your individual Internet presence.

The STRATO Webshop packages score with at least two free domains and numerous payment and shipping methods. In addition, depending on the tariff, a mobile version of your shop is automatically available to you. The convenient connection to large marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay increases the reach of your shop immensely.

Both the hosting and the webshop packages already contain one SSL certificate.

Change provider without fees

The relocation of your existing domain does not cost you any relocation or processing fees and can also be done online: Simply enter your domain name in the STRATO domain check. If you on Check click, the menu item appears behind your domain name "Move". Choose this option; STRATO then takes care of all other formalities. You just need the AuthInfo codetransmitted to STRATO by your old provider.

Redirect and forward domain and email addresses

Registering a domain with STRATO brings you many other advantages, because you can easily redirect and redirect your website with us:

  • With a A record for IPv4 or an AAAA record for IPv6 redirect your domain to another domain. The individual steps are explained in the STRATO FAQ.
  • With a MX record forward your email address (created to match the domain name) to another existing one.

These records are useful if, for example, you already have an Internet presence with another provider (e.g. "") and your most frequently used e-mail address is hosted by a free mail provider. With your own domain and the above-mentioned redirection and forwarding options, you can bring order and uniformity to your website comfortably and in the shortest possible time: Your page with the free provider can then also be reached under your own domain and the e-mail address also fits to the domain.

Permanently secure domains at STRATO

Since the security of your data has the highest priority, our security concept consists of several levels that guarantee comprehensive protection of your domain and your data. The STRATO data centers are certified annually by TÜV according to ISO 27001 for maximum data security. In addition, the high-performance and state-of-the-art technology guarantees continuous operation so that your domain can be reached around the clock. STRATO operates its data centers exclusively at German locations. Therefore, you can be sure that your domain is cheap, but that your data is protected by the strict German data protection law.

Conclusion: What should I consider when buying a domain?

  • Use the domain checker to check whether your desired name is still available.
  • Choose from a wide range of national, international and new domain extensions.
  • Special characters and umlauts are possible depending on the domain.
  • You can redirect or forward your domain and email addresses.
  • Combine your domain with numerous other STRATO product packages, for example the hosting or webshop packages.
  • Your domains are absolutely secure at STRATO thanks to the German data centers, which are certified annually by TÜV according to ISO 27001.
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Frequently asked questions

Buying a domain keeps your own company competitive: A domain is comparable to a company's name tag. Not only is it easier to remember than an IP address, it also uniquely and unmistakably identifies the business, service or project. In addition, a domain can be linked to one or more e-mail addresses, e.g. [email protected], so that the reference is made immediately.
So-called domain providers offer domains with a wide variety of endings. When buying, you should choose a reputable and experienced provider who will register the domain with the official registry.
The time it takes to register your domain varies depending on the domain ending selected: Most top-level domains can be registered within a few hours. However, for some extensions it can take up to two days to register.
In principle, the domain that you have secured for yourself can also be kept permanently. Especially for companies or sustainable projects, it is essential to know the registered domain securely over the long term. For domains that you register with STRATO, we will take care of the timely renewal for you at the various registration offices, such as DENIC.