What is the biological imperative


As an adjective, the term used in educational language means imperative “Ordering”, “compelling”, “binding” or (more elevated) “commanding”.

For example, the term is used in relation to the imperative Programming in computer science, imperative Urinary urgency in medicine or imperative Mandates used in politics.

The adjective is not to be confused with the substantiated form "imperative", which in grammar represents the form of command and request, or in philosophy and sociology denotes a "commandment" or "principle".

The term comes from late Latin and is about imperativus, too Latin imperare (command) to derive.


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Phonetic transcription (IPA):[ɪmpeʁaˈtiːf]

Usage examples

With the receipt of the imperative Mandate, the politician was shown a lot of trust. As long as he adheres to the content-related guidelines of those he represents, nothing should stand in the way of a successful term of office.

The one that grows with age, imperative The urge to urinate often leads to a change in drinking habits.

Cycling philosophy is not a book. It is a book that you always like to pick up to read a chapter. Cyclists will like it. Just because of that imperative Character that makes you want to get on your bike again and again.
- Andrea Reidl, Velophil: A book seduces you to cycle, Zeit Online, April 22, 2013

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