What exactly is moisture growing

How exactly do you moisten a farm?

This becomes clearer in the book of the film: Moisture farmers extract water from the air and sell it to plant growers.

Since we don't see any vegetation, there may be limited arable land - but water can be taken from the atmosphere elsewhere and then transported to where it is needed.

The process is also not described in detail in the book. However, you can do this in real life - moisture condenses on cold metal or stone at night, and you can then collect the dew as water.

If I look at the Lars house and their ability to buy droids, I'd say there is reasonable money out there - but we have no real idea of ​​the size of the business they have.

C-3PO was purchased to translate and program the controls on the moisture vaporizers used to extract the moisture. R2 units have mechanical repair applications as well as their more common astrogation role.


Given that Tatooine is a desert world, I would find moisture growing very important and therefore lucrative. The water supply is most likely limited unless the planet has deep underground reserves. Even then, they could be rationed and the moisture farmer could provide additional water on top of the rations.


I've always assumed that the "evaporators" are just gigantic dehumidifiers.

Mr. Lister

Do you extract water from the air? Basically, are the moisture builders what makes Tatooine so dry?

Michael Richardson

Hmm ... with the ease of space travel, it seems like someone is harvesting a few comets and killing them in the water market. At least every arriving ship would have an additional hold, which is filled with water containers for unloading. Han was able to pay his debts to Jabba without attending shady trade shows. Unless, of course, the incoming water was taxed in such a way that it had to be smuggled in.


Just as a side note, you can build homemade moisture attachments that will work even in a desert with a sheet of clear plastic and a hole for stretching. A stone in the middle with a cup underneath and when water condenses during nature's nighttime cooling, it falls into the cup. Tastes pretty bad, but it works.