How do I answer iPhone without swiping

Reply to messages faster

Writing and receiving messages on the iPhone is part of the "day-to-day business" of most iPhone users. It seems all the more important to us that we really show you all the tips and tricks that should help you to get the most out of the messaging app. In this article we explain how you Messages answered the fastest way possible!

Reply to messages faster on the lock screen

For the trick you have to allow notifications of new messages in the lockscreen. To do this, open the Settings on your iPhone and tap announcements. Then tap on the news or Whatsapp App (depending on which messenger you prefer) and activate - if deactivated - the option Allow notifications. Then make sure that the option In the lock screen is activated.

1. Reply to messages on the lockscreen

Your iPhone's lockscreen offers more options than you might think. So it is also possible iMessage- or WhatsApp messages answer directly from the lockscreen without having to unlock the iPhone at all. This is not only a very fast, but also an extremely convenient way of reacting quickly to incoming messages.

tip: This option is particularly practical on iPhones that have not yet installed a Touch ID (fingerprint scanner), because there is no need to enter the code, which would be necessary when unlocking the iPhone, provided a code is activated.

Wipes the message on the lockscreen to the leftuntil a gray button with options Show and Clear appears. Then tap on Show.

Now answer the message directly in the lockscreen by pressing a Enter answer and with a tip the blue arrow in the text input field.

2. Reply to messages on the home screen / in any app

Messages that come into the picture as a notification can be answered in just as easy a way. It does not matter whether you are currently on the home screen or in any app.

As soon as the notification appears over a new message, wipes her this downward. In contrast to the lock screen, the input field opens immediately and the keyboard is activated. Give your Answer a and taps on again Send.

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