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LEMMA - teaching innovations for mathematics education in electrical engineering

Objectives of the project
Students in the first section of the electrical engineering bachelor's degree, but also international students in English-language master's degrees in electrical engineering, often do not have a sound mathematical knowledge to be able to process the respective specialist topics methodically. Furthermore, the required mathematics knowledge often goes beyond school mathematics or the content of a bachelor's degree.

In order to close these gaps, a blended learning scenario for teaching mathematics skills within engineering courses was developed and evaluated in a previous project (situated acquisition of mathematical knowledge in engineering) ("GET A Wiki"). The students will find the mathematics content in the technical context of the course "Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering A" in a form prepared for self-study, without having to deal with a complete mathematics textbook. The success proves the approach right: the failure rate in the associated exam could be significantly reduced.

As part of the LEMMA project, the existing online offer is being expanded to include audiovisual components (video teaching units). Innovative 3D animations are developed and evaluated, in particular to promote modeling skills and the use of mathematical symbols and formalisms. These competencies are to be specifically promoted with the help of the advantages of innovative 3D instructional videos and animations. With the help of three-dimensional representations and animations, in which individual parts (e.g. envelope surfaces or differential elements) can be highlighted dynamically and directly linked to the associated mathematical relationships, this process becomes much clearer compared to conventional forms of representation. In addition, it can be seen that students are already very often integrating videos into their learning process.

In addition, the approach is extended to the "Robotics" course in the master’s degree in electrical engineering, in which students need in-depth mathematical knowledge from linear algebra.

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