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1 - Professional Brush Cleaner Soap Vegan | Cosmetic brush and make-up brush soap from Tritart 100g + heart cleaner

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  • Product Brand: Tritart

  • Beauty / Make-Up Brushes & Accessories / Brushes /

    • PERFECT COMBINATION: The brush cleaner soap and the silicone heart cleaner (with hand opening) complement each other perfectly, so that the make-up brush cleaning succeeds
    • EASY APPLICATION: Slightly moisten the brush with warm water and brush it over the make-up brush soap. Then continue cleaning and rinsing with the heart cleaner. Finally close the brush soap
    • BRUSH CLEANER VEGAN: 100 percent vegan make-up brush cleaning soap. Our cosmetic brush cleaner is free from any animal testing. The brush cleaning soap has no animal ingredients
    • SMOOTH HAIR: The Brush Cleaner Soap makes your cosmetic brush supple again and increases the durability of the brush. The make-up brush soap also has a pleasant lemon smell
    • HIGH QUALITY: Cosmetic brush soap (100g) and silicone heart cleaner from Tritart
    <div class="mb-3 pb-3 border-bottom"> <p>✔ Unsere Pinselreiniger Seife erhöht die Haltbarkeit der Pinsel</p> <p>✔ Seife für Pinsel, die wieder in altem Glanz erstrahlen sollen</p> <p>✔ 100 Prozent vegane Make Up Pinselreiniger Seife</p> <p>✔ Der Silikon Herzreiniger lässt sich dank der Handöffnung als Handschuh benutzen</p> <p>✔ Dank der speziellen Formel unserer Pinsel Reinigungsseife werden die Haare wieder geschmeidig</p> <p>✔ Pinsel werden im Alltag stark strapaziert. Pflegen Sie mit der Make-Up Pinsel Seife, damit sie immer wie neu aussehen</p> <p> </p> <p>★ Greifen Sie jetzt zu ★</p> </div>

    2 - Travelmall Professional Make Up Brush Cosmetic Organizer Make-up Artist Case with Webbing Holder Multifunctional Cosmetic Make-up Handbag for Travel Home (Black) ...

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  • Product Brand: Travelmall

  • Beauty /

    • Compact cosmetic bag will keep your beauty essentials neatly in place.
    • Lots of pockets and places to store 30 all kinds of makeup brushes and several small makeup essentials included: mascara, finishing powder, eye shadow palette, lip gloss, lipstain, primer, makeup, eye shadow, eyeliner, wipes, pressed powder, Blush and Contour.
    • Double zip for easy access to your makeup products and an outside zip pocket that is used to hold most used makeup essentials.
    • Slots and wide elastic strap on the inside ensure that brushes are always close at hand. Removable mesh pocket in the middle.
    • Hight quality oxford nylon fabric, wide handle, same quality YKK zipper make your makeup case both sturdy and convenient to use.

    3 - BESTOPE Make up brush set 16 pieces Premium cosmetics with synthetic hair Brush set kosmetik Kabuki Foundation Blush Eyeshadow Eyeliner Make up brush Cosmetic brush set with brush cleaner (pink gold)

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  • Product Brand: BESTOPE

  • Beauty / Make-Up Brushes & Accessories / Brushes / Brush Sets /

    • ❤️ Whole Brush for Perfect Face❤ Bestope newest makeup set consists of 5pcs basic large kabuki cosmetic brushes and 11pcs accuracy makeup brushes. They make people want to put on makeup more. like eyeshadow, eyebrows, lips.
    • ❤️Soft, dense brush hairs apply the powder evenly to the face and neither absorb the powder nor damage the skin. Suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin.
    • ❤️Quality Assured and Beautiful Design❤️High quality black durable wooden handles, rose gold bristle ferrule and straight synthetic hair looks fashionable and gorgeous. not at all rusty, durable and non-toxic.
    • ❤️Brush cleaner ❤️ Made of high quality silicone, buttons on the top and the recess on the bottom used for lathering and lathering.
    • ❤️Warranty❤️ We offer one year guarantee. Perfect for make-up artists and professional beauticians, but also amateurs.
    <div class="mb-3 pb-3 border-bottom"> <b> Bonus für Makeup-Profis und Anfänger </b> <br> Bestope 16 Stück Make up Pinsel Set enthält 5 grundlegende größere Make up Pinsel, 11 relativ kleinere Pinsel und 1 Stück Pinsel Pinselreiniger, die fast alle Anforderungen für Ihre Fantasie aussieht. Mit hoher Kostenleistung und hoher Qualität macht es einen Bonus für jeden Make-up-Enthusiasten.<br><br> <b> Bedecken Sie alle Bereiche auf Ihrem Gesicht </b> <br> Funktioniert gut für Augen, Nase, Lippen, Wangen, Stirn und sogar schwer zu erreichende Stellen im Gesicht. Vielseitige Anwendungen wie Fan, Puder, Rouge, Kontur, Lidschatten, Concealer, Mischung, Nasenschattierung, Lippenkonturenstift, Augenbraue, Eyeliner, Peitsche und mehr.<br><br> <b> Sofortiges Waschen nach Verwendung von </b> <br> Mit einem Pinselreiniger in der Verpackung, bequem und einfach gründlich zu reinigen alle Bürsten, sparen Sie Ihre Zeit und Geld! <br> <br> <b> Packungsinhalt: </b> <br> 1 × 16 BESTOPE Make up Pinsel Set<br> 1 × 1pcs Pinselreiniger <br> 1 × Benutzerhandbuch <br><br> </div>

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    What is the nature of a professional make-up brush and why is it so important?

    Your trust is the basis for the success of the company e.g. B. Tritart. This belief of consumers is linked to that quality of a product. In addition, social websites allow these happy customers to share their trust in professional makeup brushes with a large number of people. The more suitable the nature of a product, the more new buyers will be built. The higher the value, the higher the price of these brushes. If the value of the article is increased, the imponderability of defects is reduced, which reduces the costs for professional make-up brushes overall. In the end, with a higher quality you will appropriately maximize the sales figures and thereby your revenue, which also leads to the improvement of the sales market.

    4 - Make-up brush Kabuki - Ideal for creamy, powdery or liquid foundation - Dense synthetic premium brush hair - Recommended by professionals even for beginners

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  • Product Brand: Lamora
  • Product Manufacturer: Lamora Beauty

  • Beauty / Make-Up Brushes & Accessories / Face / Brushes /

    • ✓ NEXT LEVEL KABUKI - Achieve a flawless primer and a perfect finish with this most popular and most wanted Flat Top Kabuki brush. Take your make-up to the next level with this make-up brush!
    • ✓ PERFECT APPLICATION - This flat top kabuki brush is perfect for applying and blending creamy, powdery and liquid foundation.
    • ✓ STRIP-FREE - Extra-soft synthetic brush hair made of two different fibers ensures a streak-free application and the perfect make-up look. The make-up brush is 100% vegan as it has not been tested on animals. Handcrafted cosmetic brush in a class of its own. Absolute premium quality.
    • ✓ Flawless LOOK - This Kabuki Brush has been tested and checked by make-up professionals and has been used successfully for years. With this Kabuki brush you can wonderfully apply and blend liquid, powdery and creamy make-up to the desired coverage. You will love your flawless and silky makeup look.
    • ✓ EVERYDAY BEAUTIFUL - This foundation brush is a must for every makeup fan. Every woman simply needs this premium make-up brush for the daily beauty ritual. It is also a wonderful gift! We are convinced of our products and know that you will be 100% satisfied. Order now!
    <div class="mb-3 pb-3 border-bottom"> Make-Up Pinsel Kabuki - Ideal für Cremige, Pudrige oder Flüssige Foundation - Dichte Synthetische Premium Pinselhaare - Von Profis Auch Für Anfänger Empfohlen. Kabuki Pinsel der absoluten Extraklasse! Ideal zum Auftragen von Foundation. </div>

    5 - Make up Brush Set Roimee Make-up Brush Cosmetics Professional Wooden Handle 10 pieces Professional Foundation Blending Blush Eyes Face Liquid Powder Cream Cosmetic Brushes

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  • Product Brand: Roimee

  • Beauty / Make-Up Brushes & Accessories / Brushes / Brush Sets /

    • 1. High quality brush, smooth application, durable leather case stores and protects brushes with ease. High quality travel pouch for protection, storage and sorting of all brushes.
    • 2. Great for all types of makeup: blush, blending, contouring, shading, highlighting, eye shadow, eyebrow, lip, concealer, and more.
    • 3. Soft & Silky to Touch: The cosmetic brush set shows your natural beauty and leaves a flawless finish. Handmade brushes made from horse hair and high quality synthetic fiber materials create an incredible touch and feel.
    • 4. Easy to Carry and Use: Different bristle shapes and sizes allow you to create a variety of looks while providing perfectly polished makeup styles.
    • 5. Get high-end professional beauty results at home; Perfect for parties, birthdays, weddings and day to day.
    <div class="mb-3 pb-3 border-bottom"> Roimee Makeup Pinsel 10 Stück <br>Bürsten inklusive: <br>1. Präzisions-Gesichtsbürste <br>2. Flat Top Buffing Foundation Pinsel <br>3. Blush Brush <br>4. Gesichtspuderpinsel <br>5. Powder Blush Pinsel <br>6. Flache Oberseite Schattenbürste <br>7. Winkel flache Oberseite Schattenbürste <br>8. Augenschattenbürste <br>9. Blühende Bürste <br>10. Blüten Pinsel Detail Puder Pinsel <br>11.Roimee-Kollagen-Kristallaugen-Beutel-Maske (Käufergeschenk) <br> <br>Spezifikation <br>-Material: Ziegenhaar, Aluminium, Holz <br>-Brush Borstenfarbe: Gold / Weiß / Silber / Pink <br>-Total Länge (groß): app 15.6-17cm <br>-Durchmesser (groß): App 3- 3,5cm <br>-Länge (klein): App 17.2-17.5cm <br>-Diameter (klein): app 1-1.3cm <br> -Brush of kernel Länge: app 3.5cm (am längsten) <br> <br>Wie pflege man: <br> <br>1. Führen Sie die Borsten der Bürste unter warmem Wasser. <br>2. Tragen Sie eine kleine Menge sanftes Shampoo auf die Borsten und arbeiten Sie in eine leichte Schaum. <br>3. Die Borsten gründlich unter fließendem Wasser abspülen. Sie werden feststellen, dass das Wasser, das den Pinsel verlässt, von altem Make-up getönt wird. <br>4. Spülen, bis keine Farbe auf dem Pinsel bleibt. <br>5. Die Bürste lufttrocknen lassen. </div>

    6 - Ammiy® 18-piece professional makeup brushes brush brush set foundation eyeshadow

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  • Product Brand: Ammiy
  • Product Manufacturer: Shenzhen Ammiy Technology Co. Ltd.

  • Beauty / Make-Up Brushes & Accessories / Brushes / Brush Sets /

    • This is where the brand new professional make-up brush set comes in, which contains all the brushes for basic make-up.
    • These brushes are easy to use and can make makeup easier and more natural.
    • The product is suitable for both professional and personal use.
    • It can have a long life with good maintenance.
    • All brushes are kept in order in the supplied leather case, which makes them easy to use.
    <div class="mb-3 pb-3 border-bottom"> <b>Specification: </b> <br> <br>Brush included: <br>1.Powder blush brush <br>2.Angle Contour Brush <br>3.Foundation Brush <br>4.Eyeshadow brush <br>5.Smudge Brush <br>6.Flat Eyebrow brush <br>7.Angle eyebrow brush <br>8.Lip brush <br>9.Eyeliner Brush <br>10.Sponge Eye Shadow Brush <br>11.Eyelash comb brush <br>12.Small Fan-shaped powder brush <br>13.Powder brush <br>14.Eye shadow brush <br>15.Eye shadow brush <br>16.little brush <br>17.Large Fan-shaped powder brush <br>18.2 in 1 Eyebrow comb <br> <br><b>Package inclunde: </b> <br> <br>1 X Set of 18 Brushes. <br>1 X Bag for brush </div>

    Brush - quality brushes do not have to be expensive

    Professional make-up brushes should by no means be pathetic, just because they are inexpensive. On the one hand, cheap brushes are anything but inferior in quality, as many items simply have the brand z. B. Tritart pays with. In addition, the same value is by no means always assumed or required. Do you want to For example, when shopping for fresh brushes, it is of central priority whether you want to use these brushes often or only at unusual celebrations. Since these brushes are only rarely used, they do not have to be of the highest quality. Due to the infrequent use, these will last forever. In the field of make-up brushes & accessories, expensive brushes often have more product properties than cheap ones. The question then is whether the product features can be important or not. As a result, an affordable professional make-up brush can very often be chosen.

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    7 - Makeup Brush Cleaner Dryer, completely clean in seconds and dry in 360 rotation with 8 rubber holders, suit for all size makeup brushes

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  • Product Brand: Tanhoo

  • Beauty / Make-Up Brushes & Accessories / Face / Brushes /

    • HIGH QUALITY - Made with high quality materials to ensure long term use. And it's non-toxic and environmentally friendly.
    • FAST CLEAN & DRY - With the high speed spin, this machine can effortlessly remove dirt and cosmetics and dry the makeup brushes thoroughly in 30 seconds.
    • SONG APPLICABILITY - It has 8 collars that fits all of your makeup brushes.
    • HEALTHIER - deep cleansing Brushes on dirty matter (bacteria, cosmetic residues, oil, dead skin cells), prevent skin diseases.
    • REFUND & REPLACEMENT SERVICE COVERAGE - If you have any dissatisfaction or quality problem, you can apply for a refund or replacement.
    <div class="mb-3 pb-3 border-bottom"> <p><b>Produktbeschreibung</b></p> <p>Um die Bildung von Keimen zu vermeiden, empfehlen Profis, Ihre Make-up-Pinsel einmal pro Woche zu reinigen.Das Problem ist, dass herkömmliche Reinigungsmethoden unordentlich und mühsam sind und die Bürsten für bis zu 24 Stunden nass und unbrauchbar machen. So, wie Sie Ihre Make-up Pinsel sauber halten und bereit sein, schnell wieder zu verwenden?MAKE UP Brush Cleaner ist die ultimative Lösung, um Ihre sauberen, trockenen, antibakteriellen Make-up Pinsel zu reproduzieren.</p> <p><b>Wie verändert es dein Leben?</b></p> <p>1.Speichern Sie Ihre Zeit: Ihre Make-up Pinsel werden einfach und gründlich in 30 Sekunden reinigen und trocknen.</p> <p>2.Neat & komfortables Leben: Halten Sie Ihren Frisiertisch ordentlich und ordentlich.</p> <p>3.Healthy & hygienisch: Mit Hochgeschwindigkeitsspinnen kann diese Maschine Schmutz und Kosmetik leicht entfernen und die Verfassungsbürsten gründlich trocknen. Halten Sie Ihre Bürste sauber und hygienisch.</p> <p><b>Wie es funktioniert ?</b></p> <p>1. Finden Sie die passenden Halsbänder und führen Sie die Bürste in den Spinner ein.</p> <p>2. Gießen Sie etwas Wasser und Seife oder Baby-Shampoo in die Schüssel.</p> <p>3. Tauchen und tauchen Sie den Pinsel in die Flüssigkeit.</p> <p>4. Schalten Sie den Spinner ein, drehen Sie den Pinsel zum Reinigen.</p> <p>5. Wechseln Sie das Wasser und reinigen Sie es erneut.</p> <p>6. Drehen Sie den Pinsel zum Trocknen.</p> <p><b>Anmerkung:</b></p> <p>Die Maschine wird von 2 X AAA Batterie (nicht im Lieferumfang enthalten)</p> </div>


    8 - Professional make-up brush, contouring brush set, rose gold - Foundation, contour brush set - 5 cosmetic brushes, vegan and cruelty-free for a perfect make-up - ideal gift

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  • Product Brand: Lamora
  • Product Manufacturer: Lamora Beauty

  • Beauty / Make-Up Brushes & Accessories / Face / Brushes /

    • THE 5 MOST WANTED CONTOUR BRUSHES - perfect performance for a defined and contoured face. By contouring and highlighting, a face can be remodeled and the shapes easily changed or emphasized.
    • THE LAMORA CONTOUR BRUSH SET - enables every contouring look. Areas that are supposed to appear narrower are darkly contoured, areas that are supposed to appear larger and more radiant are highlighted. The makeup brush set includes: Round Angled Kabuki Contour Brush, Flat Contouring Brush, Precision Angled Contour Brush, Tapered Highlighter Brush and a Fan Brush.
    • SUPER SOFT, VEGAN & ANIMAL TESTING FREE - Synthetic bristles of the highest quality for perfect and even application, blending and shading of powdery, creamy and liquid products (blush, concealer, foundation, powder, highlighter). Incorporating contour products in detail on the cheeks, temples, nose and chin is a pleasure and child's play with these beautiful contouring make-up brushes.
    • A MUST-HAVE COSMETIC BRUSH SET - because Contour Brushes should not be missing in every make-up brush collection. A beautiful and contoured face is now part of the beauty standard. OUR MAKE-UP TIP BY EMAIL tells you tips & tricks on how to contour your face correctly.
    • CONTOURING MADE EASY - we have put together the most important contour makeup brushes with great care so that every face can be visually perfected with makeup. Use light and dark accents to emphasize your advantages and hide problem areas. ORDER THE LAMORA CONTOURING BRUSH SET NOW!
    <div class="mb-3 pb-3 border-bottom"> Contour Make Up Pinsel Set </div>

    Buying professional make-up brushes: plus points, risks and tips when shopping for professional make-up brushes online

    Anyone who buys on the World Wide Web has a variety of security from time to time when purchasing. To this end, consumers generally have the right to exchange goods when shopping online. All brushes can be returned within a defined period and the capital will be refunded straight away. How long the time interval for the complaint is is varied in many web shops and is often between 9 - 70 working days. If you as a customer stick to the mentioned periods of the online shop, you will not have any conflicts with a return of professional make-up brushes. Without exception, not only a time frame, but also the other requirements of the individual online store must be met. With online shopping, everything can very well be understood, since all the data is stored on the network and you don't have to think about bringing the receipt with you, as in retail.

    Professional make-up brush

    #item name
    1HENGSONG 1pcs Pumpkin Bottle Professional Flawless Makeup Sponge Blender Foundation Silicone Sparkling Puff (Silver waterdroop)
    2HENGSONG 1pcs Pumpkin Bottle Professional Flawless Makeup Sponge Blender Foundation Silicone Sparkling Puff (Blue waterdroop)
    3beautyblender cleanser, 90 ml liquid
    4Weicici makeup brush cleaning box makeup brush dry cleaning sponge paint cleaner makeup tool sponge brush powder cleaning box
    5Exclusive make-up brush set Prime Vegan in mother-of-pearl for professional-looking make-up - 15 brushes including eyelashes and brow comb brush - brush set / cosmetic brushes in elegant satin bag - gifts for women

    Make-up brushes & accessories: determination as well as effectiveness

    Comparisons of goods show you a short and clear overview. We can all shorten the whole search because many fundamental elements are already exposed. In addition, a perfect comparison shows all the points that are extremely significant for professional make-up brushes and is therefore powerful. Since the sales prices become more apparent, comparisons of goods are also economically beneficial in this case. Incidentally, the vocation of the different brushes is usually articulated, which also makes the purchase decision easier. Tempting descriptions of the item are not always factual at all. In return, product comparisons before buying enable us to look at the advantages impartially.

    9 - Start Makers 12-piece makeup brush set Make Up Kabuki brush set Foundation Liquid density, synthetic bristles Premium brush hair professional & beginner comestics with bag & sponge make-up

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  • Product Brand: START MAKERS
  • Product Manufacturer: Start Makers

  • Beauty / Make-Up Brushes & Accessories / Brushes / Brush Sets /

    • Start Makers 12-piece, high-quality brush set; Suitable for all skin types
    • Advanced Fiber: The bristles are extra soft and comfortable on the skin
    • These brushes are primarily used for face / eye makeup
    • Suitable for distributing liquid foundation, powder or creams
    • All brushes are made of high quality bamboo and soft nylon fiber
    <div class="mb-3 pb-3 border-bottom"> <p><b>Produktbeschreibungen</b></p> <p>Start Makers: Schminken wie die Profis - handgemachte, synthetische Borsten, samtweich zur Haut</p> <p><b>Features:</b></p> <p>- Advanced Synthetic sorgt für ein angenehmes Gefühl auf der Haut</p> <p>- Bambus-Stiel liegt super in der Hand</p> <p>- Ein schickes Täschchen zum Verstauen</p> <p><b>Set bestehend aus:</b></p> <p>1. Foundation Pinsel</p> <p>2. Make-up-Schwamm</p> <p>3. High Light Pinsel</p> <p>4. Eyelines Pinsel</p> <p>5. Concealer Bürste</p> <p>6. Augenbrauen Pinsel</p> <p>7. Kleiner Lidschattenpinsel</p> <p>8. Rouge pinsel </p> <p>9. Wimpernbürste</p> <p>10. Multifunktions-Foundation-Bürste</p> <p>11. Multifunktions-Blush Brush</p> <p>12. Mini Kabuki Pinsel</p> <p><b>Produktinhalt:</b></p> <p>11 Pinsel und ein hochwertiger Baumwolle Schwamm plus einem kleinen Täschchen</p> <p><b>Wie sind die Pinsel zu reinigen?</b></p> <p>1. Mit waremn Wasser waschen</p> <p>2. Evtl eine kleine Menge Shampoo auftragen auf die Borsten</p> <p>3. Borsten gründlich unter fließendem Wasser abspülen</p> <p>4. Solange abwaschen, bis das Wasser nicht mehr vom make-up verfärbt ist</p> <p>5. An der Luft trocknen lassen</p> </div>

    10 - SunJas make-up brush, professional cosmetic brush, make-up brush, eyeliner, 24-piece / set, wood / pink / black

  • Lightning delivery:
  • Product Brand: Sunjas
  • Product Manufacturer: SunJas

  • Beauty / Make-Up / Eyes / Eyeliner /

    • ❤️ 【PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIAL】 All goat hair brushes are made with hair and fibers, easy on cosmetics, high density and fine texture for a long time and a soft and silky touch.
    • ❤️ 【PERFECT PRODUCT】 Our SunJas make-up brush sets are made of high quality alloy and wood as well as soft plastic that gives a luxurious feeling. Perfect gift for your wife, girlfriend, family and sisters. Suitable for parties, birthdays, weddings and daily use. 100% new and high quality, wooden handle for use with durability, never fade or fall hair.
    • ❤️ 【SCOPE OF DELIVERY】 It has 24 different professional brushes for different makeup styles, 24 pieces of makeup brushes and a PU bag. With a carrying bag you can take the set with you on the go, ideal for traveling.
    • ❤️ 【GUARANTEE】 Any problem, please feel free to contact us. ★★ WARNING ★★ When opening the package, there may be a chemical odor caused by the adhesive. If you clean the brushes in a well-ventilated place, the odor should go away in about 24 hours.
    • ❤️ 【PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP face brush】 Our cosmetic brush contains cosmetic brushes base brush, powder brush, eye shadow brush, eyeliner brush, flexible brush and makeup sponge. Perfect for liquids, powders or creams to achieve a beautiful application in make-up of the face and eyes. Used on eyebrows, eyelashes, eyes and makeup cheeks and is easy to use, suitable for professional use or family use.
    <div class="mb-3 pb-3 border-bottom"> ●Foundation Pinsel: Mit diesem Pinsel können Sie die Foudation perfekt und makellos auftragen. Er sorgt für einen glatten und gleichmäßigen Teint bei voller Deckkraft. Der Foundation-Pinsel kann zusammen mit allen flüssigen Foundations verwendet werden <br> ●Rougepinsel <br> ●Concealer Pinsel <br> ●Lippenpinsel- Spitzpinsel, Garantie einer präzisen Arbeit <br> ●Augenbrauenbürste und Kamm zum Auskämmen von Wimpern. <br> ●Puderpinsel - Ermöglicht das Arbeiten sowohl mit einem Schüttpuder,Steinpuder, sowie Bronzer <br> ●Großer Lidschattenpinsel: Dichtes, weiches und sanftes Haar --- praktische Pinsel für den perfekten Auftrag von Lidschatten <br> ●Applikator für Lidschatten aus: Gibtgenau die richtige Menge Eye Shadow, Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow und Metallic Eye Shadow auf das Augenlid u.s.w <br><br> Das Set enthält<br> # 1 Foundation Pinsel<br> # 2 Lidschatten Pinsel<br> # 3 Flacher schräger Verblender Pinsel<br> # 4 Runder spitz zulaufender Pinsel<br> # 5 Pinsel mit schräg angeordneten Pinselhaaren<br> # 6 Lidschattenpinsel<br> # 7 Augenbrauen-Bürste<br> # 8 Eyeliner-Pinsel<br> # 9 Lidschattenpinsel <br> # 10 Concealer Bürste<br> # 11 Lippenpinsel<br> # 12 Lidschatten Schwämmchen<br> # 13 Mascara-Bürste<br> # 14 Ultrafein-Eyeliner<br><br> Wie reinigt man die Make-up Pinsel<br> 1. Führen Sie die Borsten der Bürste unter fließendem warmem Wasser.<br> 2. Tragen Sie eine kleine Menge von mildem Shampoo auf den Borsten und massieren sie solange, bis ein feiner Schaum entsteht.<br> 3. Spülen Sie die Borsten anschließend gründlich unter fließendem Wasser aus. Sie werden feststellen, wenn man das Wasser ausdrückt, das die Pinselhaare noch vom Make-up gefärbt sind.<br> 4. Weiter spülen, bis die Pinselhaare sauber sind.<br> 5. Lassen Sie die Pinsel anschließend an der Luft trocknen.<br><br> Paket beinhaltet<br> SunJas 24 Stück Make-up Pinsel Set mit eine PU-Tasche<br><br> </div>

    Are the brush comparisons of the Stiftung Warentest reliable?

    Stiftung Warentest is an unbiased product test institute that is established for brush assessment. Since different buyers use the assessment of Stiftung Warentest for their product selection, the comparison results of these article comparisons are particularly essential for companies (e.g. Tritart). In the end, Stiftung Warentest does not itself carry out any product comparisons. Instead, Stiftung Warentest gives various neutral institutes the task of testing professional make-up brushes. The Stiftung Warentest bundles the results of the unaffected institutes and then defines the average. Using this tactic, a relatively objective test result that is worth knowing is ultimately defined. On the other hand, the result of the test by Stiftung Warentest should absolutely not be the only feature, as it is also condemned in numerous places. A customer who wants to ensure that they acquire outstanding brushes must also look at other professional make-up brush comparisons and customer reviews.

    Who benefits the most when buying professional make-up brushes in the Amazon online shop?

    Amazon is a fantastic internet shop that has countless advantages. One of the many advantages is the large collection of professional makeup brushes that Amazon e-commerce offers the buyer. Those who need a very unusual professional make-up brush can quickly see it on Amazon. In addition, buyers can combine the purchase of brushes and other items here, as the Amazon webshop has countless product departments such B. Make-up brushes & accessories operated. The online presence is very clearly structured and buyers explore brushes promptly. From a shopping cart value of not less than EUR 29.00, there is also free delivery for many brushes from the Amazon online store. On the whole, you can say that Amazon.de impresses with the huge selection of brushes and the quick discovery of professional make-up brushes.

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