What is a symptom


The noun symptom is widely used in the medical field. Here one understands by one symptom a characteristic phenomenon for a particular disease. In general, the educational language expression stands for a sign or characteristic of a - often negative - development.

"Clue", "characteristic", "indication" or "identifying mark" are synonyms for symptom represent.

symptom is to the Greek sýmptōma due, which means something like "temporary peculiarity" or "coincidental circumstance".


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Phonetic transcription (IPA):[zʏmpˈtoːm]

Usage examples

Pale skin, fatigue, headaches, and dizziness are classic Symptoms an iron deficiency.

The collapse of inflated house prices is often the first symptom an incipient economic crisis.

The patient described his Symptoms. These specific characteristics enabled the doctor to quickly arrive at a diagnosis.

And what about the straight men? Apart from the few months of your fatherhood, you received the hair transplant, which, thanks to soccer coach Jürgen Klopp, is well on the way to becoming the male counterpart to female breast augmentation. That is the halfway amusing side of the male crisis. Far more disturbing Symptoms are mostly dismissed - or withheld.
- Elisabeth Raether, Tanja Stelzer, Not am Mann: The weakened sex, Die Zeit, January 12, 2014.

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