Is the time different in dreams?

Dreaming in a crisisBizarre Dreams: What corona With our sleep makes

We have known nerve-wracking dreams since childhood, but the last few weeks have taken what goes on in our head at night to another level. We discuss why Corona changes our sleep and dream behavior.

Since we are only allowed to see a few friends and cultural sites, bars and restaurants are largely taboo, we could actually go to bed early every evening and sleep perfectly. If it weren't for these confused dreams, as they have accompanied Charlotte every night since the Corona crisis.

Charlotte has been dreaming differently since the Corona crisis

Once she was sitting at a table with Jens Spahn, another time she had to vote for strangers in London or to visit barns in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

"My favorite dream was that I was on a plane that was supposed to fly from Berlin Tegel to the newly opened BER. We didn't fly, however, we rolled over the autobahn."
Charlotte, dreams differently since the Corona crisis

These dreams sound funny, but they are rather annoying and exhausting for Charlotte: "I wake up very confused and it takes a long time until I realize that the dream has nothing to do with my life." In the podcast, she tells us why her sleep has changed so much since the Corona crisis and what is also positive about it.

Our sleep quality has deteriorated

Christine Blume is a sleep researcher and is currently investigating how the shutdown of the past few weeks affects our sleep. The study is still ongoing, but the results so far make it clear that we sleep worse on average. To counteract this, we should reduce our stress, advises the sleep researcher.

"In principle, we should reduce stress, then sleep will automatically be better. Small things do help: take time for yourself, go out into the fresh air, read a book or cook something delicious."
Christine Blume, sleep researcher at the University of Basel

Many people report on their confused dreams on Twitter under #coronadreams, which has various reasons for Christine Blume: For example, we sleep more on average and have more time to dream, and we wake up more often due to stress and therefore remember it more often.

Bad sleep takes more time

Andrea is self-employed and is worried about the future of her own company due to the corona measures. At the same time, she also has a new job and has to act as a substitute teacher for her three children. All of this gives Andrea recurring dreams that are not particularly beautiful: she has to flee, aliens threaten people on earth or her husband separates from her.

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She writes about it on Twitter and gets approval from people who also have very intense dreams. Since she sometimes wakes up several times at night, she now has to go to bed earlier: "Bad sleep simply takes more time."