What bad habits cause pimples

Pimples: These bad habits ruin your skin

We all secretly dream of pure, flawless skin. Unfortunately, the reality is usually different: Redness, blemishes and small pimples just don't want to leave our face - no matter what we do. Our skin literally explodes when we are stressed or when our period is imminent. Then only make-up helps - and not too little of it. Even if we always thought we were just unlucky with our skin and it wouldn't help, we could spot some habits that made the pimples worse. So there are a few little tricks you can use to achieve beautiful skin without expensive beauty products. We'll tell you now what these are and what you should better leave off in the future.

1. You touch your face a lot

In the current time we should be more careful not to touch our faces all the time. If we are frequently with our fingers on the face, however, this is not only unsanitary and currently even dangerous - it also promotes the formation of pimples. How often does it happen that we run our hands over our faces lost in thought, scratch at small blemishes or try to remove them - but if we want them to disappear, we should do exactly the opposite: just keep our fingers out Let face.

2. You make a lot of phone calls

We all like to talk on the phone - preferably for hours. What does this have to do with pimples? In fact, more than you think: We always have our smartphone in our hand and thus distribute a large number of different bacteria on its surface. If we hold the smartphone in our face, we transfer it to our skin. Thus we trigger inflammatory reactions and we get pimples. Fortunately, that doesn't mean that we have to do without chatting with our best friend: Simply clean and disinfect the cell phone thoroughly beforehand and nothing stands in the way of extensive phone calls.

3. You sleep too little

Too little sleep is generally bad for our body - so it is hardly surprising that our skin also takes revenge if we have only slept a few hours again. We should allow our body at least six to eight hours of sleep at night - it needs this time to regenerate and detoxify. If we sleep less, our cells cannot renew themselves and we get blemishes. It is not for nothing that there is talk of beauty sleep.

4. You use a lot of makeup

It's a vicious circle: because we have blemishes, we use make-up - but that gives us even more pimples than we already have. Especially products that are supposed to cover our blackheads, such as concealers, primers or foundation, clog our pores. If these are not free, they produce even more sebum - which in turn leads to pimples. So it is good to give your face at least one make-up free day a week to let the skin breathe and let the impurities disappear.

5. You eat unhealthily

Even if we always try to eat healthily - it is often not easy for us to do without the chips in the evening or the pizza with friends. However, this is not only bad for our figure, our skin also suffers from it. Especially if we eat too much sugar and refined carbohydrates, which are found in pasta and white bread, for example, this becomes noticeable in pimples. The increased blood sugar level causes our intestinal bacteria to become unbalanced - the result is inflammation in the body, which, among other things, shows up in skin impurities.

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