What characterized the French New Wave

Question about New Wave (music)!

Until recently, I never really had to worry about that. I was usually approached by the women and then the rest of the dynamics arose.

But now that having bars etc. is not so easy to get to know. But no matter whether in the wild, on Tinder or in the few bars that are still half open .. I have the feeling that I only talk to myself.

Of course, I first look for the mistake in myself and have chatted about it with friends. But I couldn't really get to the point what could be the cause.

It always feels like I have to have ideas about where to go. Also when you meet and what you do. I always have to set the pace and sometimes get the pressure to have to time it perfectly, or I just don't have a chance anymore - apart from the fact that I don't want a chance anymore, but that's another topic.

I also listen attentively in conversations and ask specific questions, depending on what I've been told beforehand. Somehow, that always invites women to tell me their life story and not even ask a single question.

For example, I met a young lady yesterday and we were relaxed drinking champagne and beer for about 3 hours. Today I know which car her father and mother drive. I know which schools she went to, when she graduated, which universities she applied to, how she found her flat share, etc. I swear I don't even know that much about my own sister.

And I took extra care. She originally asked 3 questions. One of them was whether I knew where the toilets are. Out of the blue then came some really bad attempts at flirting and I left the field and preferred to play the Playstation.

Am I just such an idiot who purposefully smiles at my dull cheeks or what am I doing wrong?