Why did Walt Disney build Disneyland

Euro Disney - the idea for a European Disney Park

How did Disney actually build its European resort in France?

In the end, it was only natural that a Disney theme park should be built in Europe, or more precisely, in France.
On the one hand, Walt Disney had the idea of ​​building more amusement parks soon after the opening of his first park, Disneyland in Anaheim - and its great success.
Initially, of course, mainly in the USA, and so soon after the opening of Disney Park in Anaheim, the much larger project Walt Disney World near Orlando in Florida was born, but Walt himself never saw the opening again.

From d'Isigny to Disney
If you look at the history of the Disney family, it was only logical that the first Disney Park in Europe was ultimately built in France.
The name "Disney" is derived from "d'Isigny", which means "from Isigny".
This refers to the town of Isigny-Sur-Mere in Normandy, which is best known today for its world-famous butter, which is also served in Walt's Restaurant on Main Street, for example. The foundation stone for a Disney Park in France was laid a long time ago.

It was a long way to go before a Disney Park was actually built in Europe - and then in France too.
Though there were considerations about this very early, these go back to 1972, but these were initially put on hold.
Tokyo Disneyland, operated under license by the Oriental Land Company, became the first Disney park outside the United States.