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Translation of "like school" in English

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You don't care about graduation, but you do like schoolbecause you are popular and never will be again afterwards.
You don't care about classes or graduating, but you like school... because you're popular and you'll never be on top again.

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Like you our school, Jimmy?
You like mad at the school be, but breaking something does not help.
Maybe you're mad at the school, but busting something doesn't help.
I still had to go for that school learn and hairstyle like you do like.
I had to finish my school studies and do my hair just right for you.
A girl in the schoolthat you very much like?
And admittedly you like might be popular on a wannabe Ivy League reserveschoolbut the fact is, the mob is still the mob - and they need a queen.
Like you open up to us and explain to us how you did it, seven years school to skip
Can you open up for the meeting and tell us how you managed to skip school for 7 years.
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