What is a grasshopper


This is a common shrub insect. She jumps up to 66 centimeters. It's like a child jumping 30 or 40 meters high.

Grasshoppers are an order of insects. They include over 25,000 different species. One group of them are the crickets. The German word comes from the early Middle Ages: “fright” means a sudden opening.

The various locusts all have strong hind legs for jumping. The fore wings are short, the rear much longer. When they rub against each other with their wings or legs, they start chirping loudly. With these noises, the males attract the females to mate with them.

Like all insects, locusts lay eggs on leaves or in the ground. Larvae hatch from this. They shed their skin again and again, turning them into locusts.

Most locusts eat all kinds of things with their biting tools. Grasshoppers especially like grasses. Other species prefer small insects.

Some locusts eat away the crops in agriculture. Huge swarms ensure that large fields are devoured in a short time. That is why people fight locusts. As a result, every fourth species of grasshopper in Europe is threatened with extinction

  • This grasshopper is called a grasshopper.

  • A short-antennae grasshopper

  • A common sickle grasshopper