Is this crazy math test a joke

Idiot test with tricky questions

This idiot test poses 50 tricky trick questions that you have to answer. The evaluation takes place immediately after entering the answer.

Here is the first online idiot test on the internet. With this unique one online idiot test you can answer 50 crazy and tricky questions. After answering each question you can immediately compare your answer with the sample answer and see if you are an "idiot". The solutions will be displayed after entering your answer.

Better take a little more time. The duration is about 15 minutes.

Have fun solving the trick questions in the online idiot test!

1)If you go to bed at 8 a.m. and your alarm clock was set to wake you up at 9 a.m., how long did you sleep?
Answer:68476   22718

2)Is there June 17th in England?
Answer:57696   18980

3)How many birthdays does a person have?
Answer:46091   16647

4)Some months have 31 days, others 30. How many months are 28 days?
Answer:35039   12476

5)A farmer has 10 sheep, all but 9 die. How many sheep does he have left?
Answer:37689   12174

6)Is it allowed in Switzerland for a man to marry his widow's sister?
Answer:30480   13083

7)What was on December 6, 1943 in Berlin?
Answer:35717   15770

8)A glider crashes and falls right on the border. Who will get the engine?
Answer:27715   10847

9)Berlin is written at the beginning with "B" and at the end with "h". Is that correct?
Answer:28877   12038

10)How many animals did Moses take on the ark?
Answer:31397   14241

11)Who walks across a field and still doesn't move?
Answer:29219   15611

12)Divide 30 by 1/2 and add 10. What comes out
Answer:30177   20817

13)You have a matchbox and you come to an empty cold room with nothing but a kerosene lamp, a fireplace and an oil stove. What do you light first?
Answer:25926   9167

14)How often can you subtract 1 in 20?
Answer:29279   13801

15)What words are on the edge of a 1 euro piece?
Answer:25355   11500

16)Father bull, mother bull and child bull stand in the meadow.
Who does the child go to when they're thirsty?
Answer:21713   8726

17)Do you have a good memory
You are a bus driver, 5 people get on at the 1st stop. At the 2nd stop 2 people get on and 3 people get off. At the 3rd stop 4 people get on and 5 people get off.
At the 5th stop 10 people get on and 2 people get off. What is the name of the bus driver?
Answer:25956   7958

18)Can a person living west of New York be buried in Manchester?
Answer:22177   8793

19)A billy goat stands on the border. Who can milk him?
Answer:21949   8013

20)There is a 20 hundredweight stone in the village square. Every morning when the rooster crows, it moves. Is that possible?
Answer:18875   7210

21)An archaeologist claims he had a coin minted 46 BC. found.
Do you believe him
Answer:16869   6326

22)"You are my son, but I am not your father". Who says that?
Answer:21861   6725

23)You have a house with all the walls facing south. A bear comes by.
What color is it?
Answer:20058   7715

24)An electric locomotive drives south. Where is the smoke going?
Answer:17197   6366

25)How many grooves does an LP (long-playing record) have?
Answer:17526   10558

26)What is harder? A hundredweight of feathers or a hundredweight of lead?
Answer:16390   5374

27)10 pigeons sit on a pole. A hunter shoots a pigeon. How many are still sitting there?
Answer:17707   5739

28)Does a night watchman who dies during the day receive a pension?
Answer:16516   5989

29)Klaus fell from a 7m high ladder. Why was he unharmed?
Answer:18894   7343

30)South is where the thumb is on the left. Can you prove that?
Answer:17772   7071

31)Does it mean five plus seven "equals" thirteen or five plus seven "is" thirteen?
Answer:15695   6542

32)Why do you build new houses?
Answer:22661   15184

33)What is seven and seven and seven?
Answer:18228   9177

34)What is in the middle of Rome?
Answer:17307   7121

35)Four out of six candles are blown out. How many are left?
Answer:16520   8121

36)Why don't polar bears eat penguins in their homeland?
Answer:14800   5680

37)Which question cannot reasonably be answered with no?
Answer:16342   7281

38)A two-year-old fell from the windowsill on the twelfth floor. Why was he unharmed?
Answer:15220   6152

39)How many ladders would you need from the earth to the moon?
Answer:13653   5452

40)Where was widow Gertrud's husband during the chicken theft?
Answer:12602   4637

41)In which month do 18-year-old French women sleep the least?
Answer:14944   6757

42)You have something in your pocket and still have nothing in your pocket. What could that be?
Answer:13911   5579

43)A farmer has 20 pigs, 40 cows and 60 horses. How many horses does he have when the cows are called horses?
Answer:14765   7083

44)What is behind Cologne Cathedral?
Answer:15582   6301

45)Where does the best wine grow?
Answer:14119   6161

46)What does a glazier do when he has no glass?
Answer:14607   7054

47)Where does a duck come from that swims in the Rhine in Duisburg?
Answer:13410   5787

48)What does the day begin with and what does the night end?
Answer:16286   6625

49)Lirum, larum, dipperstick; how do you write that with three letters?
Answer:15807   6992

50)A pigeon is more likely to eat 1500kg of wheat than a horse. Is that correct?
Answer:17822   6595

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