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Marillion is a British rock band formed in Aylesbury in 1979. Their story can be divided into two musically different sections, which is due to an exchange of the singer: With frontman Fish, the band was able to establish itself as one of the most influential bands of neo-prog, a form of progressive rock that flourished in the 1980s. In this formation, which lasted until 1988, four albums were released, including Misplaced Childhood with the two biggest single hits of the band, Kayleigh and Lavender.

After separating from Fish, the four core members, who had played together since 1984, decided to continue singing with Steve Hogarth. This line-up is still active today.

Band history

"Fish Era" (1979–1988)

The band was founded in 1979 as an instrumental group under the name Silmarillion, based on the book of the same name by J. R. R. Tolkien. Founding members included Steve Rothery (guitar), Doug Irvine (electric bass), Brian Jelliman (keyboard) and Mick Pointer (drums). In 1981 the singer Derek joined William Dick, better known as Fish, to the band, as well as bassist Diz Minnitt. As a result, Jelliman and Minnitt were replaced by keyboardist Mark Kelly and bassist Pete Trewavas. With this line-up, the band first released the single in October 1982 Market Square Heroes. This reached number 60 in the British charts. On the B-side of the maxi single was the 17-minute long track Grendel. In this early Marillion work, in addition to Fish's voice, which was reminiscent of Peter Gabriel, some often criticized further parallels to Genesis can be heard, which is why Marillion was often smugly called "the second best Genesis of all time".

At the beginning of 1983 the lyrically and musically independent debut album followed Script for a Jester’s Tear. After the drummer Mick Pointer was replaced by Ian Mosley, three more albums followed, which were equally successful and trend-setting in the field of so-called neo-progressive rock. This development reached a high point in 1984 Fugazi. With their most famous title, the ballad Kayleigh from the third album Misplaced Childhood, as well as the song Incommunicado from the following album Clutching at Straws Marillion landed international hits in 1985 and 1987. The covers of the albums were designed by the artist Mark Wilkinson.

On September 15, 1988, Marillions record company EMI announced the exit of Fish in a press release. According to this announcement, there were serious differences within the band regarding the further musical direction. The first conflicts between Fish and the other band members already occurred in 1985 when recording Misplaced Childhood in Berlin. The arguments grew and Fish felt increasingly isolated within the band. During the "writing sessions" in August 1988 for Clutching at Straws-Successors there were serious differences of opinion regarding the musical, but also lyrical direction of the new album. Since the dispute over it could not be settled, Fish decided to leave the band. They gave their last concert together on July 23, 1988 in Craigtoun Country Park in St. Andrews, Scotland. With the live album released in 1988 The Thieving Magpie This was the last time a record with this line-up was released. The overture of La gazza ladra (The thieving magpie, Italian or German for The Thieving Magpie) used by Gioachino Rossini. From 1997 to 1999, the four Marillion albums of the "Fish Era" were released in a digitally edited version which, in addition to the respective album, also contains a bonus CD with B-sides, alternative versions and demos. The bonus CD too Clutching at Straws contains some sound sketches of the last recordings with Fish.

"Hogarth era" (since 1989)

While Fish then began a solo career, the remaining band members continued with the new front man Steve Hogarth. After the transitional album Seasons End, on which Fish still worked and which musically is still very close to its predecessors, the band took a significantly different direction. With the album Holidays in Eden Marillion released the record in 1991, which was so far most clearly mainstream oriented, but sent three years later with the dark concept album Brave a clear counterpart afterwards. However, despite the approval of critics and fans and despite number 10 in the UK charts, this remained commercially below the expectations of the record company, but also of the band. The music provided the soundtrack for an independent film of the same name with Steve Hogarth in the male lead.

This was followed by an orientation phase in which the band looked for new connections in the music business relatively unsuccessfully, although they had no luck with their record companies. One year after Brave, 1995, became Afraid of Sunlight published, 1997 This strange engine with a long track at the end, which ends after the last chord and a few minutes of silence with laughter from Steve Hogarth. 1998 followed radiation and 1999 co-produced by Steven Wilson, followed by Anoracnophobia 2001.

With the albums Anoracnophobia and Marbles Marillion introduced an innovative but also controversial business model. In order to be able to produce the albums independently without a record company having to be involved, the fans had them pre-financed several months in advance. As a reward, the pre-orderers received additional material: In the case of Anoracnophobia a bonus CD with Marbles the full album as a double CD, while conventionally only a single CD with an abbreviated version of the album (Condensed version) was available. The idea of ​​getting pre-financing from the fans goes back to 1997, when a fundraising campaign coordinated by fans on the Internet made a North American tour possible for the band. Back then, a total of $ 61,000 was donated after keyboardist Mark Kelly online declared a North American tour unlikely for financial reasons.

First the one from the 2004 album Marbles decoupled singles You're gone and The damage achieved top 10 placements again in some European countries. In several interviews, the band members emphasize again and again that it is more important to them to make their style and their music, for their fans, even if that means giving up top 10 placements.

On August 26, 2007 there was a short reunion of Marillion with Fish for a one-time appearance. On the occasion of a festival on the market square of Aylesbury, the place where the band was founded (about 65 kilometers northwest of London), Marillion played their debut single at the invitation of their old bandmate Market Square Heroes. After the performance, he made it clear in interviews that there would be no final reunion.

The album was released in 2007 Somewhere Else, followed by their fifteenth studio album Happiness Is the Roadwhich had been in the works since the same year and appeared on October 20, 2008. Since September 10, 2008, a pre-release version of the album along with some videos by the band itself had been distributed via Internet file sharing networks. One reason to try out this new business model was the success achieved by the Radiohead group with the album, which was sold online at a price of one's own choosing In rainbows would have. Marillion introduced a slight variation: the tracks were in WMA format, with users being encouraged to enter their email addresses the first time they were played in exchange for a license-free MP3 version of the album.

In October 2009 appeared with Less is more a new studio CD. An acoustic-style album on which well-known songs from the Hogarth era were re-recorded in a rearranged version.

Since 1998, Marillion have been giving their fans, who are organized in fan clubs, a CD as a present every Christmas. It includes live and acoustic versions of your pieces of music, outtakes and an interpretation of a contemporary or classic Christmas carol. There are irregular Christmas tours, during which Christmas carols are sung.

On the tours, Marillion tends to play in smaller clubs and bars, which creates a different atmosphere than large concerts in sports venues. The band also spontaneously responds to song requests from the audience. Since 2001 take place every two years Marillion Weekends instead, dedicated Marillion conventions with three different concerts by the band each. In 2011 such events took place in Port Zelande (Netherlands), Montreal (Canada) and Leamington Spa (England).

Pete Trewavas, Steve Rothery and Steve Hogarth have been performing under the name for several years Los Trios Marillos on. These isolated acoustic concerts take place on a small scale, mainly Marillion songs are played.

On September 23, 2016 the studio album "F.E.A.R." (Fuck everyone and run)

The studio album "With Friends From The Orchestra" was released on November 29, 2019.