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Instagram founders Kevin Systrom (* 1983) and Michel (Mike) Krieger (* 1986) met at Stanford University. Systrom studied economics and engineering until 2006, while Krieger, who only moved from São Paulo to California in 2004, completed a computer science degree that he finished in 2008. Systrom had already worked on a photo service called Photobox during his studies, whereupon Mark Zuckerberg wanted to hire him for Facebook. However, he refused because he wanted to finish his studies first. He then worked for a while at Odeo, the company that later became Twitter, and then for two years at Google, where he worked on the Gmail email service. He then went into business for himself and developed a mobile platform for exchanging content, but it was not a great success (Burbn).

From the photo function that Burbn contained, he then worked with Krieger to develop a free online service for sharing photos and videos (Instagram), which users can also edit slightly using filters. The first version for iOS (iPhone) was published in Apple's app store in October 2010. An Android version followed in 2012. The name Instagram originated from the two words "Instant Camera" and "Telegram". The start-up's donors included the risk capitalists Baseline Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, Benchmark Capital, Jack Dorsey (co-founder of Twitter), Chris Sacca (Lowercase Capital) and Adam D'Angelo (co-founder of Quora).

By the end of 2010, Instagram had one million registered users, in mid-2011 ten million and in September 2012, when Instagram was bought by Facebook for $ 737 million, it was 100 million. Shortly after the takeover, Instagram offered users the opportunity to create their own web profiles with their photos for the first time, a kind of personalized website similar to the one known from Facebook. In 2013 Instagram introduced advertising on the platform for the first time (Sponsored Post). Since 2016 it has been possible for companies and brands to create their own business profiles on Instagram.