Are there tabs for harmonica players

Harmonica Club Rheintal


Here you will find useful downloads and information such as cleaning and importing the Munharmonica, entire courses,
the 5 most common mistakes harmonica players make, our song list, tab collections, playbacks to play along with, etc.

Our song list
of the songs we play on the monthly game evening in the Habsburg.

Tabs collection
(by Martin Schleusener) for the diatonic harp.

Lots of other tabs for the diatonic harp (also for oldies and modern hits)

For bluesers
Here you will find a lot of playbacks on youtube to play along with.

There is a variety of sheet music for club members that can be requested for their own use.
This is not published on the homepage for copyright reasons.

Mistakes in playing the harmonica:
Interesting posts. Also for those who have been playing for a long time. (English)
Top 5 Mistakes That Beginner Harmonica Players Make

and here two more posts:
What should a beginning harmonica player NOT do?
What is bad harmonica playing?

Cleaning the harmonica
Here you will learn how to do the blues harp cleaning properly
and here the cleaning of the chromatic harmonica
Here are instructions for the care and cleaning of the chromatic harmonica

Playing in the harmonica
Blues Harp - The playing in of the harp

How to practice larynx vibrato
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