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“I am a dishonest person, and with a dishonest person you can trust them to be dishonest, honest. You have to be careful of honest people because you never know when they will do something incredibly stupid! ”- Jack Sparrow in“ Pirates of the Caribbean ”


"The problem is not the problem, but your attitude, how you see the problem" -Jack Sparrow in "Pirates of the Caribbean"


“You will never know what would have happened if you had done or not done something.” - something like that at least; Aslan in Narnia


Your envy is my approval, your hatred is my goal.


Another saying, and tomorrow morning your toothbrush will reach the empty space!


"If you love two people at the same time, choose the second, because if you had really loved the first, you would not have fallen in love with the second." - Jonny Depp


Some say I am arrogant. I wonder how they want to know, I don't even talk to them!


They didn't teach us how to do my tax returns at school! But hey !! I can calculate the circumference of the sun.


Tell the hand ... the ear does not want to hear!


“Of the many kinds of love, there is one that is the one and only. And this love is the sum of all others. ”- In Casanova


My motivation runs naked across the meadow with a cocktail.


Every time I see you I think ... What did nature mean to tell us?


Quiet! Or did someone say open the trash can ?!


Teachers get loudest when they shout CALM.


You can easily escape the stress of school, avoiding getting up.


Little girls dream of princes, big girls know reality.


"-I have birthday! Tada! -No no! That can not be! Your birthday was already last year ... -That's the funny thing about birthdays, they come back every year. "-Rapunzel and mother Gothel in" Rapunzel new spoiled "


Dreams are there to pick up where hope gave up.


Some jobs have to be postponed dozens of times until they are finally forgotten.


Ladies and gentlemen, it sings for you: The level!


What does love do Go by and wave nicely!


Do I look like a bratwurst !? Or why are you adding your mustard ???


YOU call me bitch ?! Your friend, call me darling!


Welcome to reality ... May I show you around a little?


Can I just save my life for a moment? I want to try something ...


You do not like me?? OK...! I don't wake up every day to impress you ...


When God created me, he went to the devil and said, "This is your problem now!" The devil ... is still sitting in the corner today and howling.


If the policeman says “Papers!” And I say “Scissors!”, Did I win ???


Learning is time, time is money, money is luxury and luxury ... I can't afford it.


When God created me, he grinned and thought "Will that be what ?!"


I don't read instructions ... I push buttons until it works.


You are unique ... Anyway, we all hope so!


There are always two points of view in disputes ... mine and the wrong!


You're right ... But I still think my opinion is better!


How to do it wrong, and when you do it wrong, it is not right either.


I hear voices ... ... and they don't like you!


Puberty is when parents start to get difficult.


Whenever I read a word problem in math, I understand the following: You have 10 ice cubes and 11 apples. How many pancakes fit on the roof? Answer: Purple, because aliens don't wear hats.


I don't have a tear in the film! I was flashed!


A: An asshole! Oh, there's one more thing, and another one. OMG, there's one more thing. Shit they are everywhere!

B: Dude! Get out of the staff room !!!


A: Look! I taught the hamster to dance.

B: Dude! Get that off the stove!


A: I am death! Fate is mine! Death - life - death - life - death - life - death ...

B: Now leave the light switch alone !!!


Anyone sitting in a glass house should rather undress in the dark.


The difference between a telephone and a politician: You can hang up a telephone if you have made the wrong number.


Understanding myself is like nailing jelly on the wall ... Hopeless!


... and then he just ran into my fist without warning me!


After three weeks of careful observation, I have to agree with mom. Washing up really doesn't take place on its own.


Heads up! Only bats can be hung ...


Order is half of life. I live in the other half ...


Let's quickly spoke the sparrow and flew into the venrilator.


If you have trained a dog to fly over the lake, there are sure to be a few envious people who say the animal is afraid of water ...


Anyone who hears butterflies laughing knows how clouds taste ...


A: Love can be so painful ...

B: Now stop hugging my cactus !!!!


A: I am Neptune! God of water!

B: Dude !!! You've been flushing the toilet for 15 minutes ...


Calories are the nasty little men who sew clothes tighter at night ...!


With every day that I get older, the number of people who can lick my ass increases!


My plants are not dead ... they just grow crispy!


It's not that I hate you, but if you were on fire and I had water ... I would drink!


I'll go with you to the end of the world. And then ... I push you!


The other day I was walking through the forest and ... BÄM! There was a tree!


"Girls, I'll give you some advice: If you're messing with the wrong ones, take on the right weapons" - Jason Statham in 'Blitz - Cop Killer vs. Killer Cop


Courage is when you come home late at night, drunk, and your wife, who is already waiting with the broom, asks "Are you cleaning or are you still flying away?"


"- Didn't your mom teach you not to stare at people?

  - You are just so beautiful ...

  -In that case, continue to stare

  -... You would never guess ...

  - What for!?

  -... That you are a guy!" -Nikki and Ali in "Burlesque"


I am a multitasking expert. I can talk and aggravate situations at the same time.


Man invented the atom bomb, but no mouse in the world would build a mousetrap. -Albert Einstein


"I never thought about how I would die. But instead of dying from someone you love, it seems like a good way to go to me." -Bella in "Twilight"


"We at the FBI have no sense of humor that we know of." -K in "MiB"




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