What is meant by car

§Due date of the next HU§ 25a UStGVAT cannot be reported1a1a condition, great condition1st hand1st hand, so far only 1 owner, Hd.4maticMercedes-specific designation of the all-wheel drive4motionVW-specific designation of the all-wheel drive4WD4-wheel drive4WS4-wheel steering (steering on both axles)5G., 5-GG5 speed transmission6G., 6-GG6 speed transmission8f. ber.eight tires, mostly meaning: vehicle has winter tiresA.automatic transmissionA / CAir Condition (air conditioning, - (semi) automatic)A'temp.Outside temperature displayAAHKremovable AHKAASStart-up assistantABC"Active Body Control", Mercedes-specific name for active chassisABEGeneral operating permit (presence important for accessories such as spoilers, rims, etc.)ACCAdaptive Cruise Control (distance cruise control)ACTActive Cylinder Technology (VW-specific abbreviation for cylinder deactivation), identical to COD at Audidecrease.removable (usually with AHK)ABS, A.B.S.Anti-lock braking systemADRAutomatic distance control (distance cruise control, VW-specific designation)AFLAdaptive Forward Lighting (adaptive cornering light)EGRExhaust gas recirculationAHKTrailer couplingAHVAttachment deviceAirb., ABAirbag (s):
Airbag = driver airbag
2 airbags = airbags for driver and front passenger
4 airbags = 2 airbags plus side airbags at the front
6 airbags = 4 airbags plus window / head airbags
7 airbags = 6 airbags plus knee airbag (= steering column airbag) at the driver's seat
8 airbags = 6 airbags plus side airbags i.F. or 6 airbags plus two knee airbags
9 airbags = 6 airbags plus side airbags i.F. plus knee airbag in the driver's seat
10 airbags = two front, side, rear-side, knee and head airbags alarmAlarm system ( DWA)alcoveSuperstructure of the driver's cab in mobile homesALCornering lightASAutomatic light switching (light sensor, VW-specific designation)Alu, alusAluminum rims ( LM, LMF)Ant.antennaAPSAutomatic parking system (parking aid)ARTAdaptive cruise controlATVAll Terrain VehicleASC + TAutomatic stability control + tractionASDAutomatic limited slip differential (Mercedes-specific designation)ASP, ASp.Exterior mirrors, mostly in connection with el. (Electrically adjustable) and / or "beh."ASRDrive slip control (ESP forerunner in the broader sense)AT-Exchange (part)AT, ATAOutside temperature displayATGExchange gearATMExchange engineExhib.FurnishingAUCAutomatic air circulation control (automatic air circulation control)AU, ASUExhaust gas investigation, formerly known as exhaust gas special investigationaut. Ant., eAnt.automatic (electric) antennaAutom., AUTautomatic transmissionAutotronicMercedes-specific name for continuously variable automatic transmissionAvantAudi-specific name for station wagon, earlier (Audi 100) for hatchbackAVASAcoustic Vehicle Alerting System (acoustic pedestrian warning system from electrical and PHEV cars)a.W.by requestAZTAllianz Center for Technology (recognizes WFS)BABrake assistBABPassenger airbagBASBrake Assist (Brake Assist System)BCBoard computerbeh., heatedheated / heatable (seats, washing nozzles, ASp.)BEVBattery Electric VehicleBi-Col., BiCBi-color, mostly paintworkBi-xenon xenonBj.Construction yearBlueMotionVW-specific name for a particularly economical model within a seriesBlueEfficiencyMercedes-specific name for a particularly economical model within a seriesBRWide tireswiderVehicle is widened by tuning (fenders, sills, etc.)