What does it mean when my period stops

Menstruation: This is what your period says about your health

Menstrual cup or period underwear: the sustainable alternatives can do that

Tampons, sanitary towels and panty liners are the most common hygiene articles during menstruation, but you should rely on high-quality organic products. They do not contain any pollutants that irritate the natural protective barrier of the female genital area and unbalance the pH value.

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The menstrual cup

More and more women are opting for more sustainable alternatives such as the menstrual cup instead of tampons and sanitary towels. It is not a disposable product, but can be used over and over again over a long period of time. The medical silicone does not contain any harmful plasticizers or pollutants that damage the vaginal flora. With thorough cleaning through regular boiling, the menstrual cup promises long-lasting protection. The cup is usually available in two different sizes - depending on the strength. However, the menstrual cup from the manufacturer MYLILY is different. It is available in five different sizes and thus promises individual protection. There is also a matching menstrual cup case, which makes it easy to boil in the microwave.

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The period underwear

For many, period underwear is still brand new and extremely unfamiliar. These are specially developed panties that soak up the menstrual blood like a bandage. They look like conventional underpants. But the special antibacterial and breathable layer made of different fabrics ensures safe protection during light or medium-heavy menstruation. For the heavy period it can serve as additional protection. MYLILY's period underwear is made of 100% organic cotton and can be washed out thoroughly after wearing. However, it should be noted that this is a special material. To maintain protection, you should always follow the care instructions for period underwear.

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Don't be afraid of your period!

The first menstrual period is usually uncomfortable and frightening for many girls. To relieve them of this fear, companies such as MYLILY offer packages that are supposed to make the start of the period easier and they are introduced to hygiene in a playful way. For example, the MYLILY First Period Kit contains a small selection of organic hygiene items, a Kischkern pillow, a cycle calendar and other helpers that make the entry into this new phase of life easier to understand.

For many women there are only the typical hygiene products from the well-known manufacturers. In order to get to know other products, MYLILY, for example, offers free test orders that are sent by post - you only pay for the postage.