Does the summer sausage go bad

How should you store cold cuts and how long can they be kept?

As long as cold cuts are still packaged and stored in a cool place, the best-before date is a guideline. In summer temperatures, however, you should transport the cold cuts home from shopping in a cool bag to prevent it from spoiling prematurely. Once the pack has been opened, the cold cuts made from boiled and meat sausages can be kept in the refrigerator for up to three days, and salami for up to five days.

However, this information is only intended as a guide. If the cold cuts smell unpleasant, have become discolored, have dry edges or a greasy surface, you have to dispose of them, even if the pack has not been open that long. Conversely, you can still consume the cold cuts after a week if you have stored them in a cool place and they do not show any of the above-mentioned signs of spoilage.

After opening, store the cold cuts in a tightly sealable plastic box on the bottom shelf in the refrigerator. This is where the coldest point is. Multi-zone refrigerators also have a specially designated area for meat products that is around zero degrees Celsius. In order to keep the cold cuts as long as possible, you should always only take the desired amount from the refrigerator and put the rest back immediately.