Who is Amanda Nunes

On Wednesday Miesha surprised Tate with the announcement of her comeback. The former title holder will return to the UFC Octagon on July 17th and is even hoping to return to the bantamweight throne.

"I'm so excited, really, the fire has been relighted," Tate said on her radio broadcast on Sirius XM. “I feel revitalized. If you know, then you know ... and I know. I have always been guided by my heart and done what I believed to be my calling. That has never led me down the wrong path. I can change direction very quickly and I'm not afraid to do that. When I feel like it fits, I dive right into it. That is why I am here."

And Tate has come back to stay. The 34-year-old has no plans to return to the cage for just one fight, but has signed up for six fights. She will play the first on July 17th against Marion Reneau and Tate knows what is in store for her. Because Reneau wants to say goodbye to the sport with one last good performance.

“She's strong and when you know it's the last fight you have a lot of fire and a lot of passion in you. She obviously doesn't want to say goodbye with defeat. She'll give everything she's got in the tank because she doesn't have to save up for another fight. It is her last 'Final Countdown'. And I have a lot to prove. I have to shake off five years and report back with a good performance so that I can start the second chapter of my career. "

This chapter is designed to bring Tate back to the top whenever possible. The 34-year-old has set herself a window of two years to fight her way near the title and to recommend a revenge against Amanda Nunes, who once took her belt off.

“I have six fights on my contract. I definitely want to dedicate myself to sports for two years. But anything can happen in the cage. To be honest, I don't know what to expect, that's what makes it so exciting. But I can say that for the next two years the sport will play the main role. Of course I want to be champion again. "

Tate had won the UFC title on the second attempt when she was able to surrender Holly Holm at UFC 196 in March 2016. But after four months at the top, she was replaced in her first defense of the title by Amanda Nunes, who has not given up the belt since then and even became double champion. Tate still worries about the defeat.

“I would like to repeat the fight. I would love to fight Amanda again because I know I can beat her with my style. I don't want to deny her anything, she is a terrifying woman and strikes like a man. I know that. I've been in the cage with her and I've seen what she's been doing since then. But I know that I can beat her. "