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WASHINGTON (Reporter Jiang Ning) so clenched, hold him down, turn around! Right, right, that's it! Yesterday afternoon, Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the enjoyable Student Activity Center, the school medical department 12 Sichuan college representatives, 10 representatives of the city and some people love volunteers gathered together to participate in to commemorate the first anniversary of the earthquake. total package of love dumplings campaign for the event, volunteers and representatives of the people who love to do a full preparation, noon, had a good purchase Zongye, 10 kilos of glutinous rice is also a good soak in the day before it. College representatives were also ready the dates, hummus and other varieties of fillings, gearing up packs love dumplings at 2 pm, in the Student Activity Center, 6 lined basin filled with glutinous rice, students with bamboo leaves and cord, slightly awkward but very carefully into a package only love dumplings. Look at my big bag of dumplings, cooked definitely good to eat after! Mention the first ever package of dumplings themselves, fellow 赵明宗 to show off the fruits of their labor, his face proud smile. You get so ugly shape of the package, the nerve out! Beside the city brought a girl readily volunteer representatives, public-spirited undertakings Sunshine Grandma å • æ– ‡ 霞 dumplings wrapped bunch contrast with Xiao Zhao, When amused laughter å • æ– ‡ 霞 and her other fellow to come and volunteer, a member of the League of Tianjin torch of love, I heard the event, we all have volunteered to teach students zongzi, became the scene of college students' guidance teacher. Lvwen Xia said the dumplings on behalf of unity, representatives Nakatsugawa a pro, as long as we unite, we will be able to overcome the difficulties. Teacher who side patiently explaining how college students zongzi skills, side hand and teach. Just a few minutes, many of the apprentice has learned a kind of mold, deftly wrapped several small dumplings dumplings, trickling love. Two rows of the table, filled with four rows of people. We learn each other, each other, showing off with, and some I wrap you get line after line, a division of labor with …… unconsciously more than one hour later, on the desktop dumplings filled with a variety of shapes, each person have learned a lot. At the end of the activities, eating their own hands to pack out different flavors of love dumplings, Everyone get enough. Qi B small skirt has become clouds, [url = http: //www.petekelso.com/barbour-jacket-women -womens-barbour-waxed-jackets-cheap-online-c-13_14.html] http://www.petekelso.com/barbour-jacket-women-womens-barbour-waxed-jackets-cheap-online-c-13_14 .html [/ url], Now aged mermaid, Shaoyang City, two in grade three teachers. Formed in accordance with the rules of the school calendar, class unified management by the entrance ticket. 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