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Translation of "Grundregel" in English

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principle basic rule fundamental rule
It is the Basic rule of the brand name.
This shows that Basic rule freezing point decompression.
This demonstrates the principle of freezing point decompression.
In summary, this is the Basic rule for each.
this is a Basic rule of secularity.
You are allowed to Basic rule never forget.
You break the Basic rule of being served.
As Basic rule it also applies that the EEVC tests are NOT subject to a feasibility assessment.
Moreover, the basic rule is that the EEVC tests should not be subject to a feasibility assessment.
Another Basic rule is that we only spend money on things that are necessary.
Another principle is that we spend money on what is necessary.
Accordingly, the Jains consistently have the Basic rule intellectual and pious toleration observed.
Accordingly, the Jains have been consistently observing the principle of intellectual and religious toleration.
Use the Basic rule of equivalence (Einstein).
Every process should be considered general Basic rule preferably have only one "R".
Every process should preferably have one and only one "R" as a general principle.
In its Basic rule The loan against security is simple, quick and practical.
In its principle, the loan against security is simple, fast and practical.
Anekantavada or Syadvada is extension of the Basic rule of Ahimsa on an intellectual level.
Anekantavada or Syadvada is extension of the principle of Ahimsa on intellectual level.
Third, we find that Basic rulethat dissatisfaction is the cause of deception and disobedience.
Third, we find the principle that discontentment is the basis for deception and disobedience.
It seems that this is the Basic rule behind the hydro-electric machine.
It seems this is the principle behind the Hydro-Electrical Machine.
These Basic rule is called Satisficing (Herbert Simon) compared to Optimizing.
This principle is called Satisficing (Herbert Simon) as opposed to Optimizing.
With societies there is one Basic rule.
They hurt one Basic rule Of your profession. They made professional things personal.
You broke the cardinal rule of our profession - you allowed business to become personal.
But these Basic rule I have observed very seldom in real life.
But I have very rarely observed this principle in real life.
The Basic rule the horse race is identical to that of Tiercé.
The principle of the horse races is identical to that of Tiercé.
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