What does the Matrix Oracle Guardian protect

The film begins with a rapid overview of the "harvest fields" of the machines, we look along a huge three-wire power line ...
... then we observe how Neo humbly stands in front of a bizarre, prickly machine that piles up in front of him. "SPEAK!" ("SPEAK!") Commands an old, metal voice.
"The program - Smith - is growing ..."
("The program - Smith - is growing ...")
Several recruits from Agent Smith.
"... beyond your control. You can not stop him ..."
"... beyond your control. You can't stop him ..."
Again the familiar image of Agent Smith and Neo on the rainy street.
"... but I can!"
("... but I can!")

"And if you fail?"
("What if you fail?")
Again the bizarre machine, a face forms in it. Does Neo talk to the matrix self?

We already know that too: Agent Smith flies against Neo, who dodges at the last moment. The screen turns black as if he were switched off.
We see Neo blindfolded, he seems to offer himself to the mercy of a machine. Neo says, "I won't" and a plug penetrates his neck.
We now see the two green logos of Warner Brothers and Village Roadshow.
The music picks up speed, we see Trinity asking the oracle: "Do you know what happened to Neo?" ("Do you know what happened to Neo?")
Neo appears briefly in a white tiled room, he opens his eyes.
A white flash makes the picture disappear and we see a huge war machine. We hear the oracle's answer: "He is trapped in a place ..."

"... between this world ..."
("... the one between this ...")
Neo appears to be waking up in the white tiled room. A young, dark-skinned girl stands in front of him. On the wall is "Mobil Ave" to read.

"... and the machine's world."
("... and the world of machines.")
Another cruel look into reality, this time we see the fetus plantations of the machines.
A flash of white, the pace of the music picks up again.
A familiar picture of Seraph, Trinity and Morpheus marching into the Hell Club with guns drawn. A grotesque carnival seems to be taking place below.
Now you can see how the three are standing in the middle of the formerly partying crowd, and with guns drawn they ensure calm. We hear the Merovingian from off: "Bring me the eyes of the Oracle ..."
("Bring me the eyes of the oracle ...")
Neo in the white underground station. A young woman and a dark-skinned man are standing with him, as well as a lumpy-looking guy. At least the "homeless" has been seen before. The role of the people is unknown. The homeless man hits Neo in the chest.
Hit by the force, it hurls brutally into the tile wall behind him, which shatters.
The Merovingian continues: "... and I will give you back your savior."
("... and I will give you back your Redeemer.")
He sits - as always - elegantly dressed on a sofa and holds a martini glass in his hand.
At the word "Redeemer" the camera switches back to Neo as he gets up in the white room.
We fall backwards through the very close matrix code ...
... and see Trinity suddenly pulling Neo back from the Matrix.
A white screen to the sleeping Bane - but he opens his eyes. In the background Smith whispers his "Mr. Anderson!"
Neo asks, disgusted and puzzled: "Who are you?"
("Who are you?")
We see Bane awake, bleeding horribly. He doesn't seem to feel any pain and says "Look past the flesh!"
("Look behind the meat!")
His face seems to be on fire, we see Agent Smith's silhouette on fire. The sunglasses are clearly visible.
"It's impossible!"
("That's impossible!")
Bane / Smith replies: "Not impossible."
("Not impossible.")
We see dozens of agents come through the door of the oracle.
Bane's grimace again: "Inevitable!"
Now we see Agent Smith standing in the oracle's kitchen. Is he about on her Job? His laugh betrays triumph and knowledge.
The music swells into a heroic march. The final defense of Zion comes into the picture: a whole platoon of APUs (the Zion mech robots)
Commander Lock explains: "In less than 12 hours, the machines will breach the dock walls"
("The machines break through the protective walls in less than 12 hours")
A giant drill falls on the concrete skin of Zion
Then we see the APUs again, watching the machines break in on the stony horizon.
The Sentinels on their way to the interior of Zion.
Meanwhile, Mifume in an address to his soldiers:
"If we have to give our lives ..."
("If we have to give up our lives ...")
"... we give 'em Hell before we do."
("... then we'll make it hell for you first!")
Mifume roars in battle to inspire his men.
His soldiers in the metal war machines raise the arms of the war machines and answer his war cry. It is reminiscent of Morpheus' encouraging speech to the people of Zion.
Neo in the oracle's room: "Can Zion be saved?" ("Can Zion be saved?")
The oracle answers immediately.
Meanwhile we see the combat robots getting ready for the upcoming battle.
Mifume aims at the sky with his huge cannons.
We hear the words of the oracle: "Tonight, the future of both worlds will be in your hand ..."
("Tonight the future of both worlds is in your hands ...")
Cut to the people of Zion who are unarmed. We see Link and Zee, they hug each other. The other residents look anxiously at the sky.
Now comes a familiar picture of Neo and Smith standing in the rainy street. The oracle unexpectedly adds: "... or in his!")
("... or in his!")
"Mr. Anderson, welcome back! We missed you"
("Mr. Anderson, welcome back! We missed you")
Did Smith show human feelings here, or is it just an empty phrase to scare Neo?
"It ends tonight"
("It ends tonight")
The two archenemies run towards each other, the music swells and the bangs can be heard. You start at the same time with a flapping motion ...
... and hit them at the same time, which throws them through the air with great force.
Now Neo is suddenly in the vicinity of the tea house from Reloaded, he catches himself and pushes himself forward again. In doing so, the wall takes considerable damage.
We hear choirs in the background and see the urban canyon of the duel. A huge shock wave seems to be destroying the road.
Now another explosion: a hovercraft explodes over a field of destroyed sentinels.
And on to Neo and Bane, how they struggle for a "lightning cannon" in their death throes.
Then a cut to the well-known video clip where a Hell Club guard jumps headlong to the ceiling. In the background we see another guard and a wall full of weapons.
Once again in Club Hell we see a pistol in SloMo flying over the scene where Trin, Morpheus and Seraph are sitting in front of Merovingians and his wife Persephone. So is there a skirmish between the parties in the club?
Then the homeless person jumps over the platform in the white room, in the background a train called "Loop" is approaching. Presumably he jumps over to Neo.
Then we see Morpheus with his operator Link. "You never believed in the One?" ("You never believed in the chosen one?")
He asks Niobe, who is standing there with her operator Sparks. She replies: "I still don't ..."
Then we see a hug from Neo and Morpheus. Is it a happy reunion or a final greeting? Niobe: "... I believe in him" ("...I believe in him!")
Again we see dozens of Sentinels on their way to Zion.
Then an unknown operator who excitedly announces the status: "The dock is breached".
Morpheus says: "Here they come." ("There you come.") And we see several ice spots as all of Zion's guns fire at the attacking Sentinels.
Even stationary units fire ...
... and individual residents grab a rocket launcher as the last contingent to master the attack.
The rocket flies into a larger sentinel, and in one shot we see the entire battlefield that Zion now represents.
The whole thing comes to an end, we see Neo walking down an orange corridor of energy. Is this a special data channel to an important goal?
Morpheus explains: "Neo is doing what he believes he must do." ("Neo does what he thinks he has to do.")

We see a huge cannon of the machines as it fires.
Then the cut to a huge number of Sentinels flying towards Neo and Trinity's ship.
We see Trinity in the cockpit: "If you tell we'll make it, I believe you." ("If you tell me we can do it, I'll believe you")
Neo looks at her and says "We'll make it. We have to." ("We can do it, we have to do it.")
The two hold hands tightly.
Again the attacking sentinels ...
... and Neo, how he tries to stop the Sentinels again with this time blindfolded.
In fact, the Sentinels on the way to the ship are exploding! Morpheus speaks to us again: "I don't know what he can do to save us ..."
The Logos flies right into the sea of ‚Äč‚Äčexploding machines.
"... but I do know that ..." ("... but what I know is that ...")
Neo and Smith in the "Superbrawl" between the canyons.
"..as long as there's a single breath in his body ..."
Neo is hit by the orange energy of the corridor and lightning flashes around his body.
Neo again in the Matrix, in the room where Smith rushed towards him. Neo waves him over. Morpheus off-screen: "... he will not give up." ("... he won't give up.")
Then we see Morpheus: "And neither can we." ("And neither can we.")
A quick sequence of images follows: a huge explosion in reality.
Morpheus and Trinity embrace.
We're in the Matrix, probably in the Oracle's Kitchen. And if you look closely, you can see 3 Smiths around them! The code of the oracle lights up brightly.
Smith holds Morpheus tightly in his hand and pushes him up. Part of the superbrawl.
Then finally a confusing picture: We see a hovercraft (presumably the logos) in front of you blue Heaven that has freed itself from darkness. We can clearly see the moon!
Now we're rushing out of the matrix code to the lettering of the film ...
Matrix Revolutions.
While the characters disappear, the oracle speaks to us again: "Everything that has a beginning has an end." ("Everything that has a beginning must also have an end.")