Have homeowner insurance

Bayerische Hausbesitzer-Versicherung offers comprehensive insurance cover in the following areas:

Property and landlord legal protection insurance

Exclusively for members of house and landowners' associations - at particularly favorable contributions.

Residential and commercial buildings insurance

Fire tap water storm elemental

Residential building insurance not only reimburses property damage, but also, for example, loss of rent for living spaces up to 12 months from the insured event. The fire shell insurance is free of charge.

Home and landowner liability insurance

Every homeowner must keep his property in a roadworthy condition. He is fully liable for damage caused culpably.

Liability insurance for apartment owners

The obligation to maintain safety also affects the landlord of a condominium. This also applies to garages and parking spaces belonging to the apartment. Private liability insurance does not cover this risk.

Water damage liability insurance

According to the provisions of the Water Resources Act, the owner of an oil tank is liable for all oil damage, even if he is not at fault.

Private and pet owner liability insurance

The price for a second of inattentiveness is often very high, because everyone has unlimited liability for the damage they cause.

Builder Insurance

As the client, you bear a great deal of responsibility and a high level of risk - even if you do not carry out the construction yourself. Liability damage or unforeseeable damage to construction work can quickly jeopardize the entire calculation.

Household insurance

In Germany an apartment is broken into about every 3 minutes. Replacing household items is often more expensive than you might think.

Glass insurance

"Happiness and glass, how easily it breaks." Homeowner insurance will replace the glass damage without asking why.

At ask please contact your Haus & Grund association or the Bayerische Hausbesitzer-Versicherung directly (Tel. 089-55141-620).