How did Lord Shiva become so powerful

Why did Lord Shiva not reset Lord Ganesha's original head?

The Trideva always tried not to play with the rules that they embodied in the system. They always had a strict idea of ​​obeying the rules. The best example is when one of them was angry or not happy with the way the rules make things happen and wanted a sudden change, the other two comfort the one not to do the same as the universe is a chain body connected, Moving a little string will change the behavior of the universe.

Believe me, there is no magic, people ask about such things that are easy to do and in the blink of an eye it can be done, as powerful as you are, you cannot limit the laws created by the Trinity, even those Trinity itself. All in every book, we see that even the Trinity is helpless in many cases because they always have to find a way to fight the problem where their own laws are not hindered.

Why was Lord Shiva, who is such a mighty god, unable to reset the original head of Ganesha?Why was he so helpless?

When we come to Lord Ganesha there are many rare points that people do not know.

  1. Ganesha's head was completely destroyed, it was not only detached but completely destroyed, no longer a skin;everything burned to ashes.
  2. There was an elephant who prayed to Lord Shiva and wanted to be his son. The same elephant gave Lord Shiva his head, which was placed on Ganesha's body.
  3. Ganesha, who was only the part of Prakruti (since Ganesha was born exclusively from Parvati), was not perfect and also needed a Purusha part. By attaching the elephant head, Lord Shiva completed Ganesha with the Purusha part as well.

Why couldn't Parvati create another Ganesha like she had before?

It's not about new creations, she is a mother and she had to feel like a mother inside of her.Ganesha is Parvati's son. When he died, he implanted a lot of pain and anger in Parvati's heart. This pain cannot be reversed. It is a mother's bond with the child, a universal law that cannot be excluded or bluffed.Any mother can give birth to a new child, which does not mean that she should stop complaining about her dead child. A dead child is like losing part of your soul and it can only be understood by a mother. Men are weak beings in this.After that, Parvati had another child .

Note : I can't cite scriptures because I don't remember much. Second, my knowledge is limited to things I have heard from gurus and to a general logical understanding.

satic sharma

Dear Mr. K, thank you very much for your answer, but my doubt about the 1st Q when Ganesha was first created is not resolved. It was only made of dust, not any human part. I read a Purana article that mentions that it was made sandalwood dust, why can't it be made from the ashes again, since it is very easy for God to make? The second blessing for Gajasura Shiva would have made him immortal directly, why such complexity is required and who will reject Lord Shiva if he had made Gajasura as immortal.

Mr. K.

@satishsharma, you need to know more about Purusha and Prakruti and how they work to understand this objectively. I will give a strange example, a robot is technically a creation of man, but its only prakruti and has no Purusha part in what Lord did, he extracted the Purusha part from Gajasura and added it to Ganesha. That might make it clearer.


What scripture is the source of this birth story of Ganesha?