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birthday greetings

Birthday greetings are something very special. So that these special greetings do not get lost on the special day, they should be selected with love and care. On these pages we have found the most popular birthday greetings for a successful surprise for you.

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Albert Schweizer
At twenty everyone has the face that God gave them
at forty the face that gave him life,
and at sixty the face he deserves.

Joachim Ringelnatz
Oh how nice that you were born!
Congratulate us on having you
that we give good gifts to your heart
can often enjoy without cunning.

How nice that we are together, otherwise we would have missed you very much! I
we congratulate you birthday child!

All the luck on earth for you, birthday child! Let yourself be celebrated on your day.

Wolf Dietrich
Congratulations and always stay cheerful,
that we know and appreciate about you.

Matthias Claudius
Birthday, be welcome to me!
And I want to be happy with you
I made that right
and drink wine
and drink wine and sing songs -
but birthday, come back.

Adlai E. Stevenson
Don't count the years in our life
it is life that counts in our years.

Birthday greetings ... "A hearty" Happy Birthday to you "is the beginning of every good birthday card for the birthday of the people we particularly like. But to deliver the perfect birthday greetings, you need a lot more than just the nice and common phrases that we have known and cherished since we were children, because anyone who wants to make a really good, lasting impression and wants to put a smile on the birthday child's face needs the active support of old friends: Goethe, Schiller, Ringelnatz or Heine. Their wise, funny ones or thoughtful words have lost none of their validity, the magic that lies in their verses is more topical than ever. And even if it is not supposed to be the good old poets and thinkers from Germany, there is a multitude of birthday greetings for everyone on the Internet Age and every occasion. If necessary, you can even modify them yourself, because the more precise the birth Day greetings match the recipient, the greater the surprise and joy will be. And that is ultimately the goal of every greeting at the cradle festival: To convey a carefully formulated message of friendship or love to the valued person. "

Franz Grillparzer
Become what you are not yet
Stay what you are now
In this staying and this becoming
Everything beautiful lies here on earth.

You shine like the sunshine! Today is your birthday, that's why we're celebrating! All the best to you!

Amalia von Wendlingen
Where has the last year gone?
Hard to believe it's over.
But lamenting makes no sense
Let's rather celebrate that you're older!

Uta Jeschker
I send you a greeting
on this very special day,
I'm not here, I'm here
but i think of you because i like you!

Franz Kafka
I will send you a flower
it comes to you at home,
that's what I pack, my dear mouse,
a kiss, a big one!

Amalia von Wendlingen
The happiness of a birthday is simple: it is the luck to have had many days and to be able to expect even more.

Karel Čapek
Humor is the salt of the earth, and those who are well salted stay fresh for a long time.

Birthday greetings ... "We all know the problem: The birthday of someone close is ahead of us. First of all, you have only one thought in your head: You need a present. Of course, not an ordinary off-the-peg, but a very special one It doesn't matter whether it is handcrafted with great attention to detail or bought at a high price, the main thing is that the surprise is successful. So you run through department stores in the city, surf through online retailer sites and buy a pile of wrapping paper But as soon as this first important hurdle has been overcome, the next challenge is imminent. Because no gift in the world is really convincing without the right words to accompany it. Carefully chosen birthday greetings convey a very special message from the heart or friendship. Because Carefully chosen words can trigger positive emotions. And our greatest concern for the cradle celebration of a person who is important to us, one thing is certain: The day should be a very special day, which the recipient should be able to remember for a whole 365 days until the next celebration. This is exactly what is possible with happy personal birthday greetings. "

Jean de la briar
Young people are often poor: they have not yet acquired or inherited anything.
Wealth and old age come together at the same time: It happens so seldom
that people have all the best at once!

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Who wanted to count the grains,
who escape the hourglass
would miss time and goal,
to meditate on such currents.

Alitirian blessing
I wish you
the tender impatience of spring
the mild growth of summer,
the quiet ripeness of autumn
and the wisdom of the sublime winter.

Friedrich Ast
Life is eternal and temporal at the same time; the eternal is its essence, the temporal its form and formation.

Eduard Moericke
I don't want to choose my wishes for long
I humbly wish two things:
You shall count another fifty such days,
and always I'll be there.

Take it easy on this day
may you overcome every hurdle in the next year of your life.

Jole von Weißenberg
Even if the time flies by:
it's never too late for kisses!