Have you ever scanned inappropriately

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the toner has yielded no toner, and if you shake the cartridge heater, it will flip up again after 2 3 sheets of printing

Reply:Clean the contacts, maybe there may be a problem with the sensors!

always scanning and getting error 017-988 today, what to do?

Reply:If you have installed the correct scanner driver, swap the connection cable to the computer.

Hello, connected WorkCentre 3045 The printer works fine with the Asus WL-500GPV2 router via USB.
The scanner is B. windows devices 7, but nothing happens when command to start scanning ...

Maybe there is some kind of benefit?


Reply:This device supports the scan function, it is necessary to make the appropriate settings so that the scanner works in the network (see manual, everything is described in detail)!

Good day. I have a Xerox 7600, if scanning gives a blank sheet on NOBOON screen, how to do? Wanders 8, Acer v3-551g laptop model thank you.

Reply:To solve this problem you have to try scanning on another computer (HP OS) to understand the problem in the device or in the driver! If the problem is left on another computer on another computer, the problem with the driver is most likely the problem with the scan, then the problem is in the device itself !!!

I cannot find scanned documents in the computer. Where are the instructions for using the scanner and programs?

Reply:All instructions for the Xerox MFP can be found on the manufacturer's website.

There is a documented 700 scanner and Windows 7 professional operating system. Scan via the fine tabs 8, 10, FOTOSHOP 5 with the scanner settings. If you create your own scan settings, the scanner will report a mirror in all programs. Driver reinstalled. Does not help. If you reset your own scan settings, it will scan normally. By the way, this scanner works normally on XP.

Reply:Which driver did you install? Try the English driver for Windows 7.

I scan with an IRFANView from the command line, the scanner settings window pops up if you do appear, and scanning reveals nothing is on the scanner. The WIAAACMGR scanner job wizard will make the image available in the scanned file. What's happening????

Reply:Most likely, inappropriate scan settings have been selected in the IrfanView program.

On two Xerox 4800 A touch of the correct installation driver (first driver, then connect) When you press the Scan / Pre Scan button, the lamp lights up, the carriage is positioned, but the window flies immediately - remove the head lock lower cap Scanner. But everything is removed! A scanner dismantled and checked - the destination of the car didn't bother you, the guides were fine. What could be the reason for this news? Checked on several computers, with a native and downloaded firewood.

Reply:Check that the bolt tongue is translated into position in the underside of the device. If you try to scan a locked scanner, you must restart your computer after unlocking the scanner.

If faced with a problem when you are scanning documents, everything is fine, but sometimes a black band appears in the scanned document, not very large at first, but the more scanning it becomes bold. Helps shut down the scanner for 5 minutes, then everything is fine. It seems that the scan volumes are not large. What can be wrong

Reply:You should contact the service center to diagnose the scanner.

If you encountered a scanner error that looks like this: "Scanning documents has not completed because the error is being tried again, take the following actions to resolve this error.

  • Make sure that your scanner is connected to a computer and that all wires are securely held in the sockets on both the printer and the computer.
  • Make sure that there are no burn indicators on the scanner, or rather on its information panel (screen), that will notify the error. If such indicators are burning, then it is necessary to define what they mean and what to do to eliminate the errors.
  • Try restarting the scanner, maybe there was some kind of failure. Just turn off the scanner and come back.
  • Check the installation of drivers. It is better to simply reinstall the scanner driver after the installation windows with errors in the installation process. Try downloading the latest drivers on your scanner from the official scanner manufacturer.

  • Try using a different program to scan documents, perhaps within the program itself.

Typically, implementing these paragraphs will help identify problems and secure them.

To eliminate such errors, you can use the instructions for the scanner. Usually general instructions are as follows.

Scanning problems.

situationRecommended course of action
Scanning does not take place
  • The original document must lie on the exposure glass on the scanned side, and in the automatic feeder - the side scanned on the side (see Loading the originals).
  • It is possible to scan the document with insufficient memory. Check if the pre-scan function works. Load a lower scan resolution.
  • Make sure the printer cable is correct.
  • Make sure the device cable is correct. Connect another cable that is obviously good. Replace the cable if necessary.
  • Make sure the scanner settings are correct. Check the scan settings in Smarthru Office Preferences or another application to make sure the scan job is being sent to the correct port (e.g. USB001).
Scanning is very slow
  • Check if the device is printed. If so, wait for the printer to finish before starting to scan the document.
  • Images are scanned more slowly than text.
  • In scan mode, the data exchange rate is reduced because the analysis and reproduction of the scanned image requires a large amount of memory. In the BIOS computer settings, switch on the ECP mode. This increases the speed. O. Set up information bIOS. See the user manual for this computer.
One of the following messages is displayed on the computer screen:
  • The device cannot work in the selected H / W mode.
  • The port is being used by another program.
  • Port disabled
  • "There is scanning or printing scanned data. Try again after the current task is completed."
  • Invalid grip.
  • Scanning failed
  • Maybe copy or print. Try again after completing this task.
  • The selected port is already in use. Restart the computer and try again.
  • Incorrectly connected device cable or device is switched off.
  • The scanner driver is not installed or the external parameters have been set incorrectly.
  • Make sure the device is properly connected and power is being supplied to it. Then restart the computer.
  • Incorrectly connected USB cable or the device is switched off.

Dell Printer Error Code 017-988 Error code is a typical time out error. Visit. Dell Printer Service Number Here's how to handle this error with professional help. With that, you need simple but effective troubleshooting solutions. This error message is generally displayed while starting scanning on Application Application using a USB connection.

Solutions to Troubleshooting 017-988 PC Scan Time Out Error on Dell Laser Printer :

Here you can find the most effective solution to get rid of this error in less time and effort. This step-by-step solution will help you restore your printer right away. You can also visit our services for more reliable information.

  • The first thing to do is to turn your printer off and then on again to check for any possible errors.
  • Next, you need to check the USB cables connected between the printer and the PC.
  • Check NEXT the USB connections properly. Unplug and plug in again to check for an isse.
  • If the error persists or not, run a scan.
  • Also check the client PC for the error.
  • Now click on Dell C2665DNF / C3765DNF Color MFP Scanner icon on Scanners as well as on Printer Cameras under Control Panel section.
  • Do a thorough check before installing the specific driver software.
  • Now connect your printer and your PC with a USB cable, followed by the Windows image acquisition function. The administration tool can be found in the control panel.
  • Now carefully open "Add or Remove Programs" section of the control panel to select the Dell C2665DNF / C3765DNF-Color MFP Scan Button Manager.
  • Select "All Programs, Dell Printers, Dell C2665DNF / C3765DNF COLOR MFP, and Scan" by clicking the start button.
  • Check whether the Scan Button Manager settings are correct or not.
  • Now select the Dell C2665DNF / C3765DNF Color MFP scanner in the scanners or in cameras of the printers. After accessing the properties section, tell us.
  • Select the Properties button to select the Events

Choose Dell Printer Customer Care Service Number for more professional assistance :

Contact contact with instant results. We're available 24/7 and just a phone call away. The toll free number will solve all your problems on a random basis. Our world-class services with the best Dell experts are ever ready to use the most exclusive technology on the market. Our discriminating team will fix the user's problems on a GO with complete safety. So dial the toll-free number now and get tailored help from professionals.

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