May women have massages from male therapists

Queens and kingsmassage

For the woman / For the man - by two women

  • Full body oil massage for women / men
  • 4-hand massage: performed by two experienced masseuses
  • Well-groomed and cared for: touching and moving body experience
  • Finding your body from your head
  • Healing effects for head and body aches

Be queen for once

Itself is the woman! And she still often forgets to follow her own needs. Women tend to focus more on those around them than on themselves. The feminine focus is on children, life partners, friends and colleagues ...

What about you? Become the center of attention for once and feel like a queen / king!

Be king once

And be in the center of attention! The man stands between the diverse demands in family and work with time pressure, scheduling and the feeling that not everything can be done. He neglects his need to be pampered and pampered ...

Our king and queen massages give you the luxury of having two experienced masseuses pamper you all over your body - 60 min / 90 min / 2.5 hours.

Good for body and soul

, recommended by St. Teresa of Ávila. Who wanted to contradict the great doctor of the church and mystic?

In the queens and royal massage you will receive attention from two experienced masseuses. They have studied the female and male body in detail and know exactly what its characteristics and needs are. The two masseuses your needs and respond without many words.

As a so-called 4-hand massage, the queen and king massage intensifies your relaxation: You will feel in good hands, safely held and cared for.

Wellness for your rhythm

The entire massage situation is characterized by relaxation and recovery. The massage is done on a Shiatsu mat on the floor or on one Massage table. Both are well-tempered with heat pads. This has the advantage that the masseuses themselves are just as relaxed as they come into contact with you.

The masseuses concentrate on your entire body. You will experience the soothing, calming and loosening effect of the touching massage elements. At the same time, you will be instructed in special breathing sequences.

The interaction of balancing massage and conscious breathing favors your inner regeneration processes. You can find your way back from your head to your body - and your entire organism back to its natural rhythm.

Energetic healing included

Finding your way back to this very own rhythm is a particularly intense and personal experience. That is why we speak to you personally at this point:

Allow yourself this full body experience and strengthen your system for the coming days.

Because of course the queen and king massage has healing effects. With the regained rhythm you can sleep disorders and a headache be eliminated. Acute menstrual cramps are relieved, impending Menstrual cramps can flatten, Back and leg tension dissolve. Your freely flowing energies allow you to find your joy of life and support you against depression.

Those two and a half hours of physical satiety will be long have a healing effect on you.

The soothing queen and royal massage takes place on a Shiatsu mat on the floor or on a massage table.
It lasts 60 min / 90 min / 2.5 hours.