How to use a reflector telescope

Observations with the telescope

The focuser looks like this:

There is often a number on the eyepieces. The higher the number, the less (!) It enlarges the image section. It is best to take an ocluar with the smallest possible magnification, i.e. with a large number (e.g. 20mm). There are small wheels on the side of the focuser. When you turn them, the focuser moves in and out. You have to turn these wheels to bring the picture into focus.

Now look through the eyepiece. If the image is out of focus, turn the focuser wheels until the image is reasonably sharp. Do you see the object (church tower, etc.) that you have set in your viewfinder? Probably not. Now move the telescope until your object is exactly in the middle of the eyepiece. The picture is upside down? No problem, mirror telescopes always do that!

Now look through the small finderscope again. On the finderscope (or Telrad) you will usually find three small screws with which you can adjust the finderscope. Now turn the screws until your object is exactly in the middle here too. Make sure that you don't accidentally hit the telescope, otherwise you will have to start all over again!

Is your object exactly in the middle of both the eyepiece and the finder scope? Great, then your finderscope is "adjusted" with the telescope, that is, aligned!

Now nothing stands in the way of the first observation during the night!