Is there a moon with an atmosphere

Already knew? 10 facts about the moon: 8. Atmosphere

What do you know about the moon? These infographics show the most common questions and facts about Earth's natural satellite.

In cooperation with international partners, ESA explores the moon for both robotic and astronautical research trips.

NASA's Orion spacecraft will take astronauts further into space than ever before. The ESA also makes its contribution by contributing the so-called European service module (ESM). Three types of propulsion will propel Orion to its destination, rotating it in all directions. Inside the ESM there are large fuel tanks and everything the astronauts need to survive, such as air to breathe and water to drink. There are also heating elements and heat exchangers so that Orion - and the astronauts in it - are comfortably warm, but not too warm.

ESA is planning a cooperation with the Russian space agency Roskosmos as part of the Russian lunar probe Luna Resurs, which will bring European technology precisely and safely to the moon. There, samples are to be taken and analyzed by drilling into the surface of the moon.

The ESA is examining how resources could be too useful on site by processing them into drinking water or breathable oxygen, for example.

The Heracles mission is slated to start in 2028 to gain insights into the astronautical-robotic interaction when a spaceship lands on the moon. With a rover to be operated by the Lunar Orbital Platform gateway, samples could then be collected and sent to Earth.