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Eastern Canada round trip - the most beautiful metropolises and national parks

Vibrant cities and wild nature. It is hard contrasts like this that make up an Eastern Canada tour through the provinces of Ontario and Québec.

Let yourself be carried away by lively metropolises like Toronto and Montréal, impressed by the natural wonder of Niagara Falls, enchanted by the French charm of Québec City and brought to rest by the vast forests, mountains and lakes of the national parks.

Here are the highlights of my Eastern Canada tour:


Tornonto is the perfect starting point for a tour of Eastern Canada. Although the city is the largest in Canada, it is wonderful to explore on foot. It's best to start at the Canadian National Tower, or CN Tower for short, the landmark of Toronto. Millions of visitors rush here every year to enjoy the panoramic view from the viewing platform of the television tower at a height of 340 meters.

In the heart of Toronto, the endless Queen Street invites you to stroll. Here you will find a number of small shops, boutiques and cafes, colorful houses and lots of street art.

The perfect place to feast is the St. Lawrence Market. In the pretty market hall you will find countless stalls selling fresh fruit and vegetables, fish, meat, cheese and other delicacies. There is even a European Bakery here that offers delicious breads and muffins.

My favorite area in Toronto is the creative district of Kensington Market, which has long since ceased to be an insider tip. Here you will find second-hand and organic shops, smoothie bars and colorful restaurants with organic food from all over the world.

Another draw for artists and creative people is the Distillery District, which is home to beautiful old brick buildings and industrial buildings from the Victorian era. The world's largest schnapps distillery used to be housed here, today you will find galleries, stylish cafés and restaurants as well as a small chocolate factory.

Niagara Falls

The desire to stand in front of the enormous water masses of Niagara Falls once in a lifetime is probably buzzing around in everyone's head. A visit to this natural wonder should therefore not be missed on any tour of Eastern Canada.

Even if the city of Niagara Falls, which was formed around the waterfalls, is more like an amusement park and many tourists cavort on the Niagara River, the waterfalls are definitely worth seeing. They are located on the border between Canada and the USA and can be viewed from both sides, with the Canadian definitely offering the better views.

From the viewing platform of the Table Rock Visitor Center, you are just four meters from the edge of the gigantic Horseshoe Falls and experience first hand how 154 million liters of water plunge into the depths per minute. You can only get closer to the water masses on a tour behind the falls. I tell you about this in my article on Niagara Falls.

Algonquin Provincial Park

The Algonquin Provincial Park is a true natural paradise that you can explore on 15 well-marked hiking trails. They lead you through idyllic forests to breathtaking viewpoints from which you can overlook the endless expanse of the park.

With a bit of luck, you'll encounter moose and even black bears that make their home in Algonquin Provincial Park. I'll tell you my favorite trails and tips for great viewpoints in my detailed article about Algonquin Park.

A canoe tour is also a must in Algonquin Provincial Park. After all, there are an incredible 2,400 lakes here that invite you to paddle. Whether you opt for a multi-day excursion with an overnight stay outdoors or just spend an afternoon in a canoe is up to you.

1000 Islands

In the border area of ​​the USA and Canada there is a unique world of islands, the 1000 Islands. Strictly speaking, it consists of 1,864 islands that are located in the bright blue St. Lawrence River.

Most of them are tiny and with their red wooden houses are reminiscent of the archipelago landscape in Sweden. On the larger islands there are some magnificent properties such as the enchanting Boldt Castle.

The easiest way to explore this beautiful island world is probably a boat tour. The most spectacular, however, is a helicopter flight, where you can see the entire area. Over the Thousand Islands International Bridge, which connects Canada with the United States, you will fly over national borders and be amazed. You can find photos of this unique experience in my article In the helicopter over the 1000 Islands.


From afar you can see the mighty Parliament of Ottawa, which sits enthroned on Parliament Hill in the capital of Canada. In summer you can watch the changing of the guard here every morning. In the evening, the free 30-minute Sound & Light Show is worthwhile, during which impressive images are projected onto the parliament building.

The Rideau Canal meanders through the middle of downtown Ottawa before flowing into the Ottawa River via a series of locks. In winter, the canal is transformed into the largest natural ice rink in the world.

What should not be missing on your tour of Eastern Canada is a short stop at Moulin De Provence, probably the most famous bakery in Ottawa. They sell red and white sugar cookies in the shape of a maple leaf, the national symbol of Canada.