What is the most threatening personality type

Logistician personality

If one person can do a task, that task is ... worse done by two people and next to not done at all by three or more people.

George Washington

The logistician personality type is probably the most common and makes up around 13% of the population. The distinguishing features are integrity, practical logic and relentless dedication. These qualities make logisticians a vital support for families, as well as for organizations that uphold traditions, regulations, and norms such as the legal, regulatory, and military sectors. People with the personality type of logisticians like to take on responsibility and are proud of their work. When working towards a goal, logisticians will go out of their way to cope with any given task with accuracy and patience.

Logisticians are not guided by guesswork and prefer to analyze their surroundings, check facts and come to practical conclusions. Logisticians are straightforward and consistent. When they have made a decision, they will present the facts relevant to achieving the goal and expect others to understand the situation and take action immediately. Logisticians do not tolerate indecision and are particularly quick to lose patience if the chosen course is called into question with impractical theories, especially if important details are ignored. When projects escalate into time-consuming debates, logisticians can quickly become irritated, especially when a deadline is approaching.

Those who value their reputation are in contact with people of good character ...

You can rely on the word of logistics specialists. They will fulfill their obligations no matter what the cost and they have no sympathy for people who do not keep their word. Combining laziness and dishonesty is the surest way to attract a logistician's hostility. Logisticians often prefer to work alone or at least to see their area of ​​responsibility clearly defined by hierarchy. This allows them to set and pursue their goals without discussion and do not have to worry about the reliability of others.

Logisticians have a keen mind that deals only with facts. They prefer to be autonomous and self-sufficient rather than relying on other or external factors. Logisticians often see dependence on others as a weakness and their commitment to a sense of duty, reliability and impeccable personal integrity prevents them from becoming dependent.

Personal integrity is a core value for logisticians that is higher than their own advantages. Logisticians follow regulations and guidelines regardless of their personal impact. They report their own mistakes and tell the truth, even if the consequences of them could be disastrous. For logisticians, honesty is far more important than emotional considerations, and their blunt approach can give others the wrong impression that they are cold-blooded or even robotic. People with this personality structure often find it difficult to openly express emotions or affection, but the accusation that they have no feelings or empathy is deeply hurtful to them.

... Because it is better to be alone than in bad company

The commitment of logisticians is an excellent quality that enables them to achieve a lot, but it can also become a weakness that is exploited by unscrupulous individuals. Logisticians strive for stability and security and consider it their duty to ensure that everything runs smoothly. They often experience that colleagues and partners shift responsibilities on to them, convinced that the logisticians can handle them. Logisticians tend to keep their opinions to themselves and let the facts speak for themselves. However, it can take a while to have obvious facts and evidence to support the bigger picture.

Logisticians have to take care of themselves. Your tenacious commitment to stability and efficiency can hurt these goals in the long run as others rely on them more and more. This can result in years of unspoken emotional stress that only manifests itself openly when it is too late to resolve it. When logisticians find employees and spouses who appreciate their straightforwardness and reliability and who have these qualities themselves, they will find their supporting role to be very satisfying and will always be fully aware that the system will not work without them.