How did Dick Costolo become CEO of Twitter

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Kara Swisher is now sure of that with "Re / code". The financial service Bloomberg had earlier speculated last weekend that Costolo would leave the Twitter board as part of a broader restructuring for more diversity. According to Swisher, the exit has long been a foregone conclusion. By the way, the industry expert assumes that Costolo will either start something new after Twitter (he had already done this several times) or switch to a venture company (he would have to dress differently than before). Costolo resigned in June, since then Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey has been trying to direct the company's fortunes on an interim basis - not that easy, because Dorsey is also CEO of the payment service provider Square, which is about to go public.

"Re / code" writes, citing informants, that Twitter will probably complete its CEO search in September. The most promising candidates are currently head of sales Adam Bain and Dorsey. A constellation with Bain as CEO and Dorsey and the other co-founder Evan Williams as "product consultants" is conceivable. Another possibility is the combination of Dorsey as CEO, Bain as COO and Williams as Executive Chairman - this would presuppose that Dorsey vacates the Square executive chair; the Twitter board has already stated that a new CEO should not be boss elsewhere.

In addition to internal candidates, Spencer Stuart's specialists are also looking for possible outsiders for the CEO job on Twitter. Among other things, the board would apparently like Instagram boss Kevin Systrom - when the photo service was bought by Facebook years ago, Twitter was also interested, but was booted out by Mark Zuckerberg.

"Re / code" also writes that the whole CEO search could be done by buying Twitter from a larger company. Recently, there has been repeated speculation about Google as a possible buyer, even if there are innumerable reasons against it. Swisher also has Facebook, Apple, Softbank and Microsoft for other potential buyers.