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Begadi // HW4 S-AEG Series out now!


Introducing | The HW4 S-AEG Series

Begadi is one of Germany's largest shops for airsoft & tactical gear and everybody in the country knows them well. Finally, they released their first own (made in Germany) S-AEG rifle which is "You would´t beleve it" based on the M4 platform. They call it HW4 and they're alreday released it! Below is the product presentation (German language only) for now. Check it out!


We are very happy to meet you todayBegadi HW4 series to be allowed to introduce! The HW4 is an airsoft weapon that we have assembled and assembled ourselves in our workshop in Germany. It combines everything that belongs to a high-end airsoft:
Neatly processed externals made of carefully selected materials with a durable tuning gearbox, which has the latest tuning parts and technical features installed.

It represents the highest level of durability and reliability.
Absolutely nothing has to be tinkered with on this Airsoft: It is equally suitable for professionals who value the best quality, and for beginners with little tuning knowledge. The Airsoft delivers a very good range with a precision that is difficult to beat.

Due to the enormous stick performance, we expressly point out that the 2 Joule version is recommended for playing fields with large distances and / or for use with a weaker sidearm in close range!

You can find the selection here >>>