Why Mueller report cannot be published

Blacked out Mueller report is presented

According to Attorney General William Barr, when the report by special investigator Robert Mueller is published, it is intended to blacken, among other things, those passages that could expose the investigators' "sensitive sources and methods". Certain court information, information on intelligence sources, information on ongoing lawsuits and information that affects the privacy of "minor actors" are affected. The report will go to Congress on Thursday and will be made available to the public at the same time.

Dispute over what will not be published

The Democrats don't think that's enough. They request Barr to provide Congress with an unredited version of the report and the underlying evidence.

FBI special investigator Mueller had determined from May 2017 whether there had been secret agreements between Donald Trump's camp and representatives of Russia in the alleged attempts by Russian influence on the American presidential election campaign in 2016 in order to influence the outcome in favor of the current president. The investigation had led to more than 30 charges, including six people close to Trump.

Mueller submitted his almost 400-page final report to the Ministry of Justice on March 22nd. According to the four-page executive summary published by Attorney General Barr two days later, Mueller found no evidence that the Trump team worked with Russia during the campaign.

Different views

On the question of whether Trump later hindered the investigation of the Russia affair in office, Mueller did not commit himself, according to Barr. The minister concluded that there was insufficient evidence that the president had committed a crime. After the summary was presented, there had been media reports that some investigators on Mueller's team were frustrated with Barr's presentation of the results of the investigation. The results are "more worrying" for the president than the minister described.

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